Still Learning

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Still Learning - Reflections from the Life of a Believer book cover

Still Learning
Reflections from the Life of a Believer

Do you want wisdom and encouragement in your spiritual journey? Discover these devotions that can bring you into a deeper understanding of living the Christian life.

Are you looking to deepen your understanding of the Bible? Do you have specific theological questions? Are you looking for encouragement and a boost in your faith? Kimberley Payne is a down-to-earth writer who is passionate and curious and offers a refreshing perspective to enhance your spiritual growth and devotion.

Still Learning is a collection of 100 devotions with questions about salvation, grace, suffering, and the very essence of God’s nature, presented through the lens of everyday encounters and heartfelt contemplations.

By reading these reflections you’ll be feeling encouraged and strengthened in your faith.

In Still Learning you’ll discover:

  • Theological questions in the Bible through the unique lens of a non-theologian
  • Personal insights, real-life experiences, and profound reflections with scriptural inquiry
  • Reminders of teachings from the Bible without being preachy
  • An accessible exploration of the Bible’s theological questions
  • A diverse array of topics

Still Learning is an authentic and inspirational devotional that will resonate with both seasoned believers and those on the quest for spiritual understanding.

If you like stories that celebrate the beauty of faith and inquiry, then you’ll love this book as a supplement to theological studies. Buy Still Learning to enrich your spiritual life today!



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Customer Reviews

by Ed Hird
Kimberley has a very soothing style of writing.  Each chapter has an engaging thoughtful message.  This new book focuses on the value of bible reading and how we can trust it. She explains how bible reading came later to her in life after her born-again experience. The bible, says Kimberley in her new book, can change your life in so many ways.  There is much wisdom to be found in looking at her book.  I highly commend her book for others.

by Melissa Henderson
I love this book! I believe everyone can benefit from reading this book. Whether someone is seeking more information about God and faith, or is a long time believer and follower of Christ, there are many points to glean in the book. This is a book that could be read over and over. The reflections are inspirational and encouraging.

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