Through Trials to Triumph

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A memoir of a Catholic girl’s high school years

Through Trials to Triumph
A memoir of a Catholic girl’s high school years

Kimberley struggled with depression and dark thoughts about ending her life. She attended a Catholic high school and believed that suicide would land her in hell.

But when her bad decisions and painful experiences cause her thoughts to spiral, would her faith save her from taking her own life?

This memoir sheds light on what life was like for a Catholic teenager in the 80s. It draws you into high school years through stories, poems, and report card entries that will awaken your own memories and teenage challenges.

If you like compelling, heart-wrenching, and nostalgic stories then you’ll love this memoir of young life experiences that take you down memory lane. Buy Through Trials to Triumph to learn how your faith and trust in God can root you through troubled times today!


A memoir of a Catholic girl’s high school yearsBuy the Book*

Customer Reviews

Do we really know our teenagers?
by Ida A.
I laughed, cried, shook my head at the naivete, shuddered at what could have been, and finally, as a mother, I breathed a sigh of relief as Kimberley found her footing, faith, and the right man.
Kimberley works full-time and wears many hats.
This gem is one of her achievements. Through Trials to Triumph is a must-read for any teenager. As a “coming of age” young adult tale, this memoir holds many warnings and much wisdom. Kimberley doesn’t pull punches but, with devasting honesty, leads us through her teenage escapades and near disasters. She should not have survived, but the good Lord was watching out for her. And she probably had a legion of angels.
I also recommend this book for all mothers of tweenies and teenagers. I wish it had been available when I was dealing with a teenager with a subconscious death wish! Mothers, including myself, can be sublimely unaware of what our girls are going through and what they can get into.
Christmas is coming. Rush out and get copies for those in your family. And do your friends a huge favor and tell them about Through Trials to Triumph.

A great follow-up to her first memoir
by Kindle Customer
I still really like the highlights of yearly culture, lots of memories. Love the different presentation styles which keeps the memoir interesting. Pictures help bring it to life. Really appreciated the author sharing this very personal and difficult time of her life.

Authentic and raw

by Kevin P.
the isolation a teen with depression feels along with the masking one kudt do to cover up are so well portrayed in this teenage memoir

A Trip Down Memory Lane
Tracy Partridge
This book was a great read! I could not put it down. I grew up in the same town and I am around the same age as the author. It’s like we were living the same life. All the good and the bad. Everyone who was ever a teenager will be able to relate. A fun look back at life in the 80’s. A lovely book that reassures you that no matter what happens, you can rise above it!

Wow! What an impactful memoir!
by Roger Keyzers
Oh my goodness! What a read! I absolutely loved it – near tears with the retelling of Kim Payne’s accident.
I appreciated the prologue, and enjoyed her recall of the restaurants and entertainment sections about Peterborough – brought back great memories.
I couldn’t stop reading once I started – it’s so compelling and relatable and heart-wrenching and beautiful – I was surprised by the depth of emotion this memoir elicited.
It was superb and I loved the epilogue. Amazing writing again Kim Payne! Congratulations on producing such a fine piece of work.

Teenage Struggles
by Tiffany Wood
This is a truly important book. Written at a time where kids are really struggling in High School for many reasons… this book reminds me that their struggles are real. They do not want to feel like they are alone in their struggles so I am recommending this book to my friends who have teens in high school! They need to share it with the teens so they can read for themselves. This book is well written, easy to read and I think anyone who reads it will find a piece of themselves in there.

Bravery at its best!
by Nicole Grady
I went to Saint Peter’s so it was so fun to see teachers I knew. Mr. Bruder, Mrs. O’Brien and Mrs. House? That brought back memories! And I am certain my mom had one of your spaghetti spoons! You are so brave to share your struggles. I think so many women had similar struggles as teens. To put yourself out there like that? Incredible.

by Donna Mann
I laughed and shed tears for this lovable, brave, tenacious, ridiculous teenager. I couldn’t help wanting to save her from her decisions, yet knowing I couldn’t do that, I thought I’ll just read more and pray for her. The latter being the most effective. Kimberley certainly took chances and walked the narrow line over canyons of painful experiences, but above all, her faith rang true and rooted through those scary times. She was a child of God and knew it, even though she continuously tested that relationship. “Return home and tell how much God has done for you” (Luke 8:39). Indeed, she did that. Blessings on your gift of writing. Keep on, keeping on.

by Carol Ford
I’ve just finished reading ‘Through Trials and Triumphs: A memoir of a Catholic girl’s high school years’. Kimberley Payne has captured many teenage themes in the book; especially ones growing up in Peterborough, a small town in Southern Ontario in the 1980’s. Kimberley shares her struggle with depression and dark thoughts about ending her life. She shows this through her private poems written during this period. It was a time when mental health was not as well supported or acknowledged. The memoir is also a coming-of-age account of how a teen copes with dating and adult activities such as drinking and smoking. God watched over Kimberley throughout these trying years and spared her life on several occasions. This memoir will hold your attention to the end and it’s just the right size for a quick and enjoyable read.

A Pleasure to Read
by Lynne Collier
I enjoyed Kimberley’s effortless writing style. The stories she tells of her teen years in high school are exciting and often comedic. Her faith and trust in God show through all her trials.

Awesome writer
by Laurie Pulsifer
What a compelling read. As one of those teenagers it brought back a lot of memories. Kim is a wonderful writer catching your attention right from the start. I look forward to reading more of her books! Awesome job wimbawee💕💕

Dramatic school days
by Pirkko
Enjoyed reading this true heart wrenching account of dramatic life experiences of a high school girl. I learned a lot about the shenanigans that went on during the 80s which probably went unnoticed by teachers, me included. A true confession. And a great read for parents, teachers, counsellors or anyone who loves memoirs based on facts.

Enjoyable High School biography
by Ed Hird
Kimberley Payne writes in a very engaging manner. The book is easy to read. It is a good news story, showing how she has survived very difficult situations, and how her faith has helped her get on track. I commend this biography to others.

Very Interesting Life Story of High School Days
by Janis Cox
By growing up knowing God’s Word, Kimberley finds her path. It is a winding path for sure. But as you read, you will see God’s hand on her life. Captivating tales of her trials. But Kimberley does find her way through trials to triumph.

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