ABCs of Psalms for Kids

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Learn God’s Word through these ABC Bible Verses

ABCs of Psalms for Kids
Learn God’s Word through these ABC Bible Verses

Do you want to help your children memorize the Psalms? Discover these ABC Bible Verses to encourage kids to learn God’s Word.

Are you looking to inspire your child to dig into their Bible? Do you want to teach kids the value of reading the Bible and memorizing what it says? Have you wanted to help children pray scripture? Kimberley Payne is a mother and grandmother who believes in cultivating the habit of Bible study in the next generation.

ABCs of Psalms is a book that organizes a short passage from the Book of Psalms in alphabetical order so that children can learn scripture while also learning the alphabet. The author chose well-known verses from the ancient hymnbook of the Old Testament. By working through this book, you will not only teach your child the alphabet but also teach them about memorizing and praying Bible verses.

In ABCs of Psalms, you and your child will discover:

  • Simplistic and easy ways for kids to memorize God’s Word
  • 26 well-loved verses that are a good length for young children
  • Opportunities to pray scripture and put the verses into practice
  • A source of prayers and praises to worship the Lord
  • A great learning tool for letter recognition and scripture

ABCs of Psalms is perfect as a gift, for Sunday school, homeschool, Christian daycare or family readings.

If you like resources that encourage young ones to dive into their Bible, then you’ll love this book that focuses on memorizing scripture.  Buy ABCs of Psalms to foster a love of God’s Word today!

A Glimpse Inside
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Customer Reviews

A Great Learning Tool
by David Kitz
As the author of four books devoted to the Psalms, I was delighted to see this instructional ABC volume for young children. We need to plant God’s word in the fertile soil of young minds. My grandmother did just that for me as a youngster.
I especially appreciated the five ways the author employs to help children to memorize God’s word: writing, speaking, drawing, recording and acting out the verse. Each of these methods is effective on their own, but taken together they become lasting and transformative.
Thank you Kimberley Payne for such a powerful resource on the Psalms.

by Ruth Ann Adams
As a Sunday School teacher, I highly recommend Kimberley Payne’s book: ABCs of Psalms for Kids. Kimberley has chosen twenty-six verses from the Psalms, which correspond with each letter of the alphabet. The selections teach the children about the character, promises, and commands of God, and the many reasons to praise him. There is an illustration of each letter in upper and lower case with the chosen verses.

Kimberley has also included five helpful ways to memorize scripture, and a system for prayer called P.A T.H.: “praise, admit, thank, help.” There is a separate page for each verse that provides a special picture symbol for each memorization tip and a section for “Follow the P.A.T.H. to prayer.”

The verses can be used for individual or unit lessons, which can include memorization, further discussion and prayer. For young children, and for parental use, this book is an invaluable aid to learning the ABCs, and God’s word!

Easy for Kids to Memorize
by Tracy Krauss

This book organizes a short verse from the Psalms in alphabetical order so that children can learn scripture while also learning the alphabet. It is intentionally simple so that young children can engage and memorize. I think it would be useful for young children in a variety of settings: Sunday school, homeschool, or as a supplement. I like the entire series!

Wonderful help in learning ABC’s and Scripture
by Rachel Hunter

What a great book for little people who are at the age of learning their ABCs and wanting to start grafting the Word of God on their hearts at the same time. My family will be using these as daily devotionals for my young children. Clear and large text to help my son as he starts to read.

Great gift idea
by Pamela Calverley
I bought this ABC series as a baby gift for a dear friend at our church. As she reads to her daughter she will not only teach her the alphabet but she will also teach her about God’s word.

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