ABCs of Gratitude for Kids

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Give Thanks for Your Blessings Through These ABC prompts

ABCs of Gratitude
Give Thanks for Your Blessings Through These ABC prompts

Do you want to help your children be grateful as they learn the alphabet? Discover these ABC prompts to encourage kids to be thankful.

Are you looking to introduce the concept of thankfulness to a young child? Do you want to teach kids a positive mindset? Have you wanted to help your child notice the good things in their life? Kimberley Payne is a mother and grandmother who believes in cultivating the habit of gratefulness in the next generation.

ABCs of Gratitude
 is a journal that presents each letter of the alphabet, along with three sample words beginning with that letter, on a blank page. Kids are encouraged to come up with additional words and either write/print them or draw pictures of them. By working through this journal, you will not only teach your child the alphabet but also teach them about thankfulness in a world filled with entitlement.

In ABCs of Gratitude, you and your child will discover:

  • Simplistic and easy ways for children to count their blessings
  • Development of language, creativity, and fine motor skills
  • A new appreciation of  faith in a real-world context
  • Creative ways to instill a habit of thankfulness
  • The best part of your child’s day every day

ABCs of Gratitude is a journal that reminds children that God is the giver of all good things.

If you like books that teach young children to find the good in every day, then you’ll love this journal that focuses on life’s blessings. Buy ABCs of Gratitude to foster a spirit of thankfulness today!

A Glimpse Inside
Click here to watch a short Youtube video about the book

Click here to watch short Youtube videos of my granddaughter living out the book

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Customer Reviews

Very simple but child friendly
by Tracy Krauss
I like this book because it is simplistic but easy for children to engage with. As an educator, I can see its usefulness, especially for those that homeschool from a Christian worldview. It is would be an excellent way to use the topic of gratitude each day while allowing children to be creative.

Real Life Context for a Childs Faith
By Christopher Lyons
I am writing this review with my mother beside me today. My mother has worked in Sunday School for many years and now I have taken up the torch. I am also an early child hood educator. Finding books for children that have a Christian message has become harder and harder and when my mother showed me this book I was thrilled. For an adult seeing the name of Jesus is powerful but for a young child it is life changing. From a developmental stand point getting children to draw their experiences not only has benefits for language, creativity and fine motor skills but allows children to have their faith put in to a real world context which is another challenge facing modern day Sunday school. Kimberley Payne has done a great job combining concepts of faith with education and putting it together in a way that children will both learn and enjoy.

Thankfulness is important
by Mary Hosmar
This is one of a set of three books in the series ABC’s of Faith. It introduces the concept of thankfulness to young children. Each letter of the alphabet, along with three sample words beginning with that letter, is presented on an otherwise blank page. The children are encouraged to come up with additional words and either write/print them or draw pictures of them. A short introductory explanation for parents is included at the beginning of the book.
The idea of learning thankfulness at a young age is an important one. This book is designed to do just that.
I would have liked to see pictures included with the words used as examples.
I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

Great gift idea
By Pamela Calverley
I bought this ABC series as a baby gift for a dear friend at our church. As she reads to her daughter she will not only teach her the alphabet but she will also teach her about God’s word.

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