Until Heaven

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Reflections of Hope Amidst the Grief

Until Heaven
Reflections of Hope Amidst the Grief

Do you want a glimmer of hope in the face of loss? Discover these reflections that can bring you comfort during your time of mourning.

Are you dealing with the loss of someone you love? Do you have the desire to seek God in the shadow of grief? Are you looking for encouragement and a boost in your faith? Kimberley Payne’s life with her granddaughter was cut short by her sudden death at seven months old. Here she shares her honest journey through overwhelming loss and the hope to be found in God’s promise that death is not the end.

Until Heaven is a book of 26 stories and poems from the journey through the first few years of deep sorrow after the death of Kimberley’s grandbaby.

Kimberley processes her loss through writing and shares from scripture and her own story and how her faith helped. By reading these reflections you’ll be feeling encouraged in your grief and strengthened in your faith.

In Until Heaven, you’ll discover:

  • Reflections that will speak to those facing heartbreak and pain
  • Hope that death is not the end and you will see your departed loved ones again
  • Real-time reflections from the first few years of grief
  • Faith lessons about heaven, our eternal home
  • Reminders of teachings from the Bible without being preachy

Until Heaven is an authentic devotional that will ignite your imagination and make you long for heaven.

If you like stories that offer a glimmer of hope then you’ll love this book of reflections that will offer comfort in times of sorrow. Buy Until Heaven to help you grieve with hope today!

Reflections of Hope Amidst the Grief

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Customer Reviews

Powerful and loving
by Lisa J. Lickel
The author shares a deeply personal journey exploring her emotional state, reaction, and vulnerability in Until Heaven. This is not a story dealing with family, but Payne’s own raw trauma as a grandparent who experienced loving a child for many months, one who lived in her home but didn’t have the chance to grow up not because of outward illness or injury, but through an unexplained tragedy that happens to babies too often.
In diary-like entries, Payne takes readers along from wordless grief to finding the ability to release some of her pain through writing. Accompanying each entry is a relevant and powerful piece of scripture that beautifully illustrates the moment in time. The scripture is a foundation, a cry, and encouragement as each mood shifts. Over the course of the journal of over two years, Payne eventually is able to recount the events leading up to the loss, and immediately follow; to examine the physical aspects of what happens at death, to a funeral, and to a special memorial garden.
The pain never really lessens; it doesn’t matter if it’s a holiday or an anniversary. The grief ebbs and flows day by day. Baby clothes or toys no longer bring joy. Even watching other family members’ toddlers together bring a little sorrow. But knowing heaven waits for a wonderful reunion bring a semblance of peace.
Practical advice and reassuring promises make up a useful end piece.
Recommended for families bereft of loved ones, young or not.
Deeply Moving
by Ed Hird

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