Leisure Time With God

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Leisure Time With God
Stories to Grow Your Faith

Leisure Time With God: Stories to Grow Your Faith

Do you want to grow stronger in your Christian walk? Discover these devotions that can lift and nourish your faith.

Are you a new Christian looking to keep your belief alive and growing? Do you want to be challenged to listen more to God’s voice? Have you ever wanted to take a trip to the Holy Land? Kimberley Payne is a down-to-earth writer who shares real-life stories as a movie buff, a snowmobiler, a traveller, and a dreamer to help you live a fuller life and strengthen your faith as a believer.

Leisure Time With God is a book of devotions that take experiences from Kimberley’s life of leisure activities including watching movies, sledding, napping, and travelling and passes on spiritual insights to deepen your faith.

Kimberley shares everyday “stuff” and mixes it in with her personal faith journey. She writes in a simple and clean style about her experiences.

By reading these reflections you’ll be feeling encouraged as a believer and strengthened to live out your faith each day.

In Leisure Time With God you’ll discover:

  • Short, simple stories leading to deep but simply-stated truths
  • Bible verses pointing you to further reading
  • Dream interpretations to apply truth in everyday life
  • Insights into the Holy Land
  • Personal anecdotes that resonate with your life

Leisure Time With God is an inspirational devotional that offers simple truths as experienced by one of God’s children.

If you like stories that encourage, motivate, and inspire then you’ll love this book of leisure time activities that will increase your faith in God. Buy Leisure Time With God to enrich your spiritual life today!


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Customer Reviews

I am enjoying this book so much
by Lu Scannell
I like the personal style she writes in. Reading at night and taking it slow. I will definitely look for more of this author’s work.

Leisure time With God
by Ida A.
The title caught my attention, and the subtitle, Stories to Grow Your Faith.
I dug right in. It’s four books in one, and I would be hard-pressed to have a favorite, but I do.

Book One, Where Media Meets Faith, touched me personally in many ways, but I must single out the essay “It’s a Wonderful Life.” I am not going to spoil the surprise – all I can say is –
“Ask yourself, what difference does my life make?”

But on to Book Two, Think Snow
Being a Florida sun and sand type with very little liking for cold and snow, beautiful as it may be, it was more difficult for me to relate. But Kimberley’s descriptions of snow-covered trails, the silence after a snowfall, clear blue skies, and more are excellent. But I loved “Loss of Confidence.” Yup, in life, God is more trustworthy than a GPS.

Book Three, Night Stories, are about her dreams and the interpretations thereof. Well Done! Few people remember as clearly as she does, let alone see the value of the dream.

Finally, Book Four, My Journey to the Holy Land

Wonderful! Buy the book and start with “How is God like a Cafeteria Tray.”
An easy read, but I took my time. Look at the scripture references. Dwell a little in the world she creates or describes. I recommend reading just one essay at bedtime. Enjoy!

Refreshing read
by Ed Hird
The ‘Leisure Time with God’ book was a very engaging read. Kimberley Payne’s ironic sense of humour helps the stories unfold. Of particular interest were her stories about her wider family, her love for watching movies, and snowmobiling. With a deep faith, she weaves life and prayer naturally together. I highly recommend this book.

Highly recommend this one
by Brenda Wood
I always enjoy truth stories like Kimberley’s. Short and sweet and worth it. Take the time to enjoy your own copy

Exception book by Kimberley Payne
by Tammy Strauss
This is a truthful and exceptional story of Kimberley’s life and her own battles.
John 17:15-16 My prayer is not that you take them out of the world but that you protect them from the evil one. They are not of the world, just as I am not of the world.
God shows us how to respond to our feelings through his son.
Matthew 24:42-44 So you must be ready because the son of man will come at an hour you do not expect him. Heaven is our destiny as Kimberley says where there is no pain, tears or suffering.

Helped me to listen more for God’s voice
by Lynne Collier
Using her everyday experiences, Kimberley writes about how God speaks to her in surprising ways. She shows us how we can listen for His voice as we go about our daily tasks. I was reminded to be aware of His presence in my own life. Delightful to read with a good dose of humour.

Very Enjoyable
by LC
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Kimberley writes inspiring short stories of encouragement and faith. This devotional is one of my favourites, written from relatable personal experiences that speak to the reader’s heart.

Delightful and Relatable
These short devotional stories are very relatable. The author uses everyday experiences to point to a moral or spiritual lesson. She uses movies, snowmobiling, and other seemingly mundane events to bring simple yet profound realizations about the goodness of God to light. This book is suitable for a personal daily devotional book or even as a discussion guide for small groups. You can sit down and read them a little at a time or even in one sitting. Delightful!

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