Meeting Faith

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Meeting Faith
100 Devotions for Women on Family, Fitness, and Faith

Do you want to draw closer to God? Discover these devotions that can bring you into a deeper relationship with the Lord.

Are you facing challenges in your family life as a mother? Do you have the desire to be healthy and care for your body? Are you looking for encouragement and a boost in your faith? Kimberley Payne is a down-to-earth writer who shares real-life stories as a mother, health advocate, and woman of faith to help you live a fuller life and strengthen your relationship as a believer.

Meeting Faith is a book of 100 devotionals that take common, everyday occurrences from Kimberley’s life and pass on spiritual insights which make faith relevant.

Kimberley shares everyday “stuff” and mixes it in with her personal faith journey. She writes about her experiences and how her faith helped her not only get through difficulties, or just the day, and even grow.

By reading these reflections you’ll be feeling encouraged as a mother, inspired in your health, and strengthened in your faith.

In Meeting Faith you’ll discover:

  • Personal anecdotes that resonate with your life
  • Faith lessons from everyday family occurrences
  • Reminders of teachings from the Bible without being preachy
  • Thoughts on God’s Word and how it impacts your health and fitness
  • Insights into scripture and the working of the Holy Spirit in your life

Meeting Faith is an authentic devotional that offers simple truths as experienced by one of God’s children.

If you like stories that encourage, motivate, and inspire then you’ll love this book of everyday life experiences that draw you closer to family, friends, and God. Buy Meeting Faith to enrich your spiritual life today!

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Customer Reviews

by Jennifer Wiseman
I loved all of the devotions and really enjoyed how much they impacted my day to day life!

Encouraging read
by J. Alexander
I received a free e-copy of this book from the author. I’m pleased with devotionals. They’re short but encouraging and keep you focused on the God of the Bible. There are many different topics so there is something for everyone.

What not what I expected – It was better
by Avid Mystery Reader
I am not an exercise person and while I like walking, the other type of exercise is not my cup of tea. I was the kid who fell over the hurdles, not the one who could jump over them. So, I was hesitant when I saw the word “fitness” in the title and almost did not get this book. I am so glad I did. As one reviewer said, this author has a way of expressing wonder in the everyday. Each devotion gave me food for thought even though I had difficulty in agreeing with everything said. However, I have contemplated everything said and this has enriched me! This is a very worthwhile book. It is not one to rush through but one to contemplate and pray on. A down to earth writer who truly loves God and has a deep relationship with Christ Jesus and is not afraid to share it. A book worth buying.

By Joanne Belgrave
To find a devotional that you can get so much out of is amazing.
Subjects like happiness, worry, and everyday situations. It’s helping me a great deal. Thanks again for your faithfulness. God bless.

By Jane Mouttet
Meeting Faith is a combination of 3 of Kimberley Payne’s previous books – Where Family Meets Faith, Where Fitness Meets Faith, and Where Life Meets Faith. Her devotionals are just the right length for when you want to grab a few moments to focus on Scripture.
In the first section Payne looks at different situations in family life and compares them to our relationship with God. Most of us want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. In the second section of the book Payne compares the difficulties between maintaining this lifestyle and maintaining a relationship with God. The third section focuses on incorporating faith into life. I really enjoy devotionals that take everyday occurrences and turn them into faith lessons – that is just what Kimberley Payne has done. If you are looking for a new devotional book, Meeting Faith deserves your consideration.

By Tammy Strauss
This book is an excellent source of patience in waiting on God’s timing not ours. Very well written by a great author. I recommend it very highly. God is our god and our guide.

By Melissa Henderson
A book filled with encouragement, real life stories, inspiration, and hope. The author includes Scripture references and thoughts from her own life experiences. This is a great book to carry everywhere you go. Each powerful devotion gives the reader opportunity to reflect. I want to read more books by author Kimberley Payne.

By Susan Elizabeth Henson
I found the book “Meeting Faith” by Kimberley Payne to be encouraging, informative, and at the same time calming and refreshing.  The format is wonderfully educational!   An experience is given followed by a corresponding verse from the Bible that reinforces the message of the example.  I feel closer to the Lord after reading this book, and I plan on using the techniques I learned to further my relationship with Him!

By Lynne Collier
An enjoyable devotional book by Kimberley Payne with easy to read, personal reflections and humorous anecdotes without being preachy. Reading her book was like sitting in a coffee shop hearing about how a friend used everyday life experiences to draw closer to family, friends and God. A delightful read.

Connecting our faith through everyday life
by Carol Round
I’ve read other devotionals by Kimberley Payne. Each time, I was encouraged by her words and insight into scripture. In this collection titled, “Meeting Faith,” the author once again does a wonderful job of connecting our faith: family, fitness, and life. There are similarities between the challenges of raising a family, trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and building a relationship with God at the same time. Most women lead busy lives and find it difficult to juggle all three. However, with Kimberley’s encouragement, candor, and humor, you’ll be motivated through true-life application examples. Without preaching, the author helps you find answers in scripture and helps point you to God for strength. I highly recommend this book.

Practical Faith
by Mary Hosmar
Now the devotions from Kimberley Payne’s previous devotional books — Where Family Meets Faith, Where Fitness Meets Faith, and Where Life Meets Faith — are combined into one easy-to-read volume. The purpose, according to the author is as follows. “These devotions show the similarities between the challenges of raising a family, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and living life while building a relationship with God.” (Author’s Note) By combining the three volumes, Payne has emphasised the co-relationship of the various aspects of life.
Payne’s use of personal anecdotes and life experiences lend an air of authenticity to the work, drawing in the reader and encouraging him or her to consider their own life with all its complexities and problems.
It seems that the work is geared more towards new Christians and does not go into any deep theological matters. Having said that, the seasoned Christian can also benefit from reading these devotionals. Reminders and encouragement are always good.
The devotions do not have date entries such as so many devotionals do and can be read in any order. There is no specific scripture passage to read and contemplate other than one or two texts which are referenced towards the end of the passage. What I would have appreciated, especially in the Where Family Meets Faith, is the Biblical text at the beginning of the devotion rather than at the end.
Payne set out her objective in the previously quoted Author’s Note and has met it.

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