Fit for Faith

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7 weeks to improved spiritual & physical health

Fit for Faith
7 weeks to improved spiritual & physical health

Do you need encouragement to lose weight while addressing the whole person? Discover this book that can help you to apply godly principles, nutritional wisdom, and scriptural guidance to achieve your goals.

Are you looking for sensible advice and practical tips on healthy eating and exercise? Do you want effective strategies for good health and spiritual growth? Have you wanted to be held accountable to keep a record of your health? Kimberley Payne is a seasoned personal trainer who wants to bless and encourage others in being fit in every way.

Fit for Faith unites physical and spiritual health through a 7-week program to lose weight and develop a deeper relationship with God. It is a reference on cardiovascular exercise, strength training, prayer, healthy eating, Bible study, flexibility exercise, and journal writing.

Kimberley guides you through a common sense and guilt-free approach to improve fitness and faith. Her goal is to share how Bible study, prayer, and journal writing are to the spirit what healthy eating, exercise, and stretching are to the body.

In Fit for Faith you’ll discover:

  • How to rely more on God to help you make changes in your lifestyle
  • Simple Bible study and prayer strategies to apply to your day
  • Clear advice on goal planning, exercise, and flexibility guidelines
  • A 49-day workout plan, home fitness test, and three easy-to-follow strength training programs
  • Facts surrounding more than 40 health and fitness myths

Fit for Faith is a great reminder on how to balance physical and spiritual well-being.

If you like practical books that motivate and inspire, then you’ll love this workbook that makes an excellent companion on your journey to health. Buy Fit for Faith to experience the joy of a healthier and more spiritually fit life today!

A Glimpse Inside
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Click here to watch an interview with Kimberley Payne about Christian Fitness


7 weeks to improved spiritual & physical health

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Customer Reviews

Tammy Strauss
This is an amazing story of exercise, fitness and faith. Kimberley tells how health can affect our lives. There is truth and honesty in her book. Believing in a higher God will lead us to a life of wholeness and fitness.
Thank You for a great book

Simply the best! Fit for Faith!
By Gayle Kurtzer
This book is amazing. The author guides you through a simple process of fitness and faith. I found that uniting the two aspects gave strength and inspiration. The design is also easy to take with you and easy to read as you are working out. Great gift idea also.

A Workbook That Can Help Improve Your life
By Janis Cox
What are your goals?
Kimberley takes us through exercising, feeding, and stretching our bodies and our spirits. A perfect balance. Many good strategies. Goal planning. Not too much to overwhelm but enough to keep you on the road to a healthy body and spirit.
A great resource that you can come back to. We all fall short in both our fitness and our faith. This book can restart your lives for both.

Fitness for the Body and the Spirit!
By Laura Davis
Fit for Faith – 7 Weeks to Improved Physical and Spiritual Health by author Kimberley Payne is an 83-page book that will make you fit inside and out!

Part one deals with exercising both your body and your spirit, giving you goals to set for cardio and strength training as well as spirit training for your prayer life.

Part two deals with feeding the body and the spirit, with goals and strategies that will work. How do you feed the spirit you might ask? On the Word of God!

Part three involves stretching the body and the spirit. How do you stretch the spirit? Through journalling! Kimberley really has covered everything.

Every section of this book (which includes a workbook) has sensible advice and practical tips on eating and exercise and of course taking care of your spiritual life. If you are looking to make a new start and get your entire body both physical and spiritual in top-notch condition – look no further – Fit for Faith has it all.

Unique book on getting fit through faith
By Carol Round
In Fit for Faith, Kimberley Payne does not offer quick fixes for weight loss. Instead, her book teaches readers to consider their lifestyle and apply three things to achieve their goals: Godly principles, nutritional wisdom and scriptural wisdom.

Payne’s workbook program offers the reader information about the three components of physical fitness: cardiovascular exercise, strength training and stretching. However, the truly unique aspect of this book that is often missing in other books is it teaches you how to strengthen your relationship with God through daily prayer, scripture reading and daily journal writing.

As someone who has exercised most of her life, I liked how Payne connected physical exercise to spiritual growth. I have also been keeping a prayer journal for over 12 years and know the discipline it brings to a relationship with our Heavenly Father.

Thank you for this book, Kim!

By Donna Mann
Fit for Faith: 7 weeks to Improved Spiritual & Physical Health. Regardless of one’s self image or collective reasons to stall from beginning the 7 weeks, Kimberley’s Day-to-Day scripture and reflection works well.  It’s like a fresh rain on a hot day as her words wash away all the excuses to put off starting a program. Go for it.

The title itself want you to get in shape for God
An excellent book, easy to follow, helped and inspired me to pray more, and live by God’s word everyday.

Balance of Spiritual & Physical Health
By Chris
The author, Kimberley Payne, did an amazing job with this workbook. She has such a creative approach to balancing both the physical and the spiritual. This book has so much value and offers so much more than just exercise tips but helps you with goal setting, distinguishing the difference between myths and facts, 49 day workout plan, strength training workouts, and so much more. I just started this program and really like how it makes you accountable to keep record of your progress and goals. I highly recommend it.

Fit for Faith – Inspiring and practical
By Glynis Belec
In Fit for Faith, Kimberley Payne offered me no quick fixes or tricks for weight loss. Instead, this program caused me to consider my lifestyle and apply godly principles, nutritional wisdom and scriptural guidance to achieve my goals. Fit for Faith gave me the freedom to experience the joy of a healthier and more spiritually fit life.

Deserves More Than 5 Stars
By Tom Blubaugh
I didn’t know what to expect when I began to read this book. I decided I would read it straight through even though it was about physical health. This topic never really interested me until I had a major heart attack in 2004. Since then, my wife has slowly convinced me to take my health seriously. She knew it wouldn’t be easy. When we were dating we were in a restaurant one evening. She looked at my plate and asked, “do you ever eat anything red, green or yellow?” I replied, “jelly beans.” I was serious. I started reading and I found a very well written presentation of a strategy for good health and spiritual growth. It confirmed a lot of things I’m doing right and gave me good information to improve my health, both physically and spiritually. It is a seven week program with a 49 day workbook. Although a pdf file was sent to me for my review, I purchased a copy for myself. Hats off to Kimberley Payne for a job well done.

Good practical advice!
By Darlene Mawhinney
I am excited to apply the teachings in Fit for Faith as I strive to improve my health, both physically and spiritually. God created us as complex, multifaceted beings and we need to address each and every area because our entire well being is necessary to carry out the plans God has for our lives. Ms. Payne does a wonderful job of calling attention where attention is due.

By Karen Lyons
There are so many books out there about fitness and health that it is very easy to get confused…

Below are a few titles of chapters I wanted to share with you to give you an idea about being “Fit for Faith

Part I: Exercise your body + Exercise your spirit

Chapter 3: Goal planning

Chapter 4: Exercise your spirit: Prayer

Chapter 5: Prayer strategies that work

Part II: Feed your body + Feed your spirit

Chapter 7: Feed your body: Healthy eating

Chapter 10: Feed your spirit: Bible study

Chapter 11: Bible study strategies that work

Part III: Stretch your body + Stretch your spirit

Immediately I see some very important chapters that many books forget to teach and that are the ones about how important not only about exercising and healthy eating but also the most important adding your inside spirit, such as prayer and Gods Holy Scripture’s…BLESSED BY THIS!!!

I am reading this book through a PDF file and I really liked it in this format because I can look at it any time and it is easy to follow.

Kimberley gives you several ideas to set goals, different types of exercises, many Scriptures and prayer helps.

in Chapter 5 she shared this acronym which I LOVED

Follow the P.A.T.H. (praise, admit, thank, help) to prayer:

Also every Chapter is very short and to the point which is always a plus to me…

I am still in the process of finishing this book and praying I will start following the importance of being Fit in every way.

If you have tried to lose weight and/or are trying to get fit and healthy I recommend this book because of how Yahweh is lifted up, it helps you to include the entire body, mind and spirit and how easy it is to follow!!! Kimberley really encourages you to do your best to get fit…and has several other books and websites to continue in this lifestyle

A Novell, Comprehensive Approach to Health Living!!
By Mary
This program is so much more than just exercise. It is giving me the tools I need to enrich my life and my energy level. It is the most comprehensive, common sense and guilt-free approach to health and wellness that I have read. It emphasizes your spiritual, physical and emotional well-being.

Fit for Faith – 7 weeks to improved spiritual and physical health
By Jacqueline
This program was not only a lot of fun, it was supportive and very well put together. This time I met my usual roadblocks with ease and satisfaction.

Fit for Faith by Kimberley Payne
By Rose McCauley
Kimberley Payne has written a book I wish I had read years ago before all the other diet/health books I have consumed! She approaches health from God’s viewpoint and helps us see how body, soul and spirit are intertwined with each other. I love the way she begins each day’s portion with a prayer and ends it with a Scripture. She also includes many questions and places to record your own thoughts and goals to help keep you on track, and gives an extensive list of books and magazines for further reading and step by step instructions for the exercise program. Whether you are just beginning on your fitness trek or have travelled this road before, Fit for Faith will make an excellent companion on your journey.

By Elma Schemenauer
From my front door here in Kamloops, British Columbia, I can walk 164 steps and reach the foot of a mountain slope, which I try to climb regularly. As I climb and as I descend the slope, I pray. Kimberley Payne’s book Fit for Faith: 7 weeks to improve spiritual and physical health operates on a similar principle, though it’s much more comprehensive. The book, which marries fitness and faith, is full of valuable and inspiring ideas for improving both.

Payne’s chapters are short, which helps maintain reader interest and motivation. She backs up her recommendations with many inspiring Scriptural references. She also provides references to other useful sources; for example, cookbooks featuring healthful recipes.

I enjoy Payne’s imaginative and specific style of writing. For example, she says we can pray about anything including “finding your keys in a marsh.” She advises us to “use peace as your yardstick” when deciding which foods to eat. If you don’t feel peace about it, i.e. if you suspect it’s not good for you, quit eating it.

Fit for Faith includes several useful appendices. Among them are “Home Fitness Test,” “Strength Training Exercises” and “Stretching Exercises.” OK now, I need to get busy. First I’ll test how much my mountain-slope climbing and other exercises have done for my fitness. Then I’ll get going on Payne’s suggestions for improving it and my spiritual health.

A Holistic Approach
By Shelley Hitz
I like the fact that “Fit for Faith” addresses not only physical health, but also spiritual health. I am a firm believer that they are intertwined! Not only are there great tips for exercise and eating healthy, but I love the 49-day workbook to help me apply the material. Each day in the workbook includes a prayer, questions to answer (or journal), a myth and a fact about health and then a scripture. This helps to keep me focused on my goals but also on God.

Great Gift for All
By Judi Baker
“Fit for Faith,” by Kimberly Payne is a fitness guide as well as a spiritual guide too. I like how the author talks about the physical aspects of being healthy and then talks about the spiritual ones. I enjoyed the chapters on Feed your Body and Feed your Soul. This book will help you set goals, and includes a workbook to record your results and help motivate you. The workbook has prayers, myths, facts & tips in it for each of the days. “Fit for Faith,” reminds you to look at yourself through God’s eyes and really see what he sees in you.

Fitness for the whole person
By Violet Nesdoly
Kimberly Payne’s book Fit for Faith describes a program that develops both physical and spiritual fitness. This holistic program has much to recommend it.

Payne is a seasoned physical trainer and her regimen reflects her expertise and experience. The how-to section is easy to understand, encouraging, and motivational. As mentioned, the combination of both physical and spiritual fitness into one program makes it one that addresses the whole person. The repetition and accountability that are built into the workbook assignments can’t help but effect permanent lifestyle changes in the person who follows this program for seven weeks. I loved the little fit tips.

The Kindle copy I read would require the participant to use a scribbler or separate journal for the workbook section. (I assume the paper book has a physical page for each workbook page, which might make it more attractive to some.)

The only thing I can think of that would make a book like this more useful to an exercise illiterate like me would be pictures or line drawings of the exercises. My copy didn’t have those, though Payne does describe each exercise in adequate detail.

I think this would be a great book for men or women to use on their own or as a textbook for a seven-week fitness program in connection with a Bible study.

Fit for Faith empowers Life!
By Bernard Boulton
Kimberley has developed a life-improving program in Fit for Faith. In it she calls the reader to rediscover the quality of life that God is calling all of His creation to live. Kimberley has combined principles with plans of action and physical fitness with spiritual fitness. I found the information in Fit for Faith to be stimulating. Kimberley has shown me how merge my faith with my desire to be fit.

Kimberly Payne Has Crafted A Masterpiece
By S.E. Gregg
Kimberly Payne has crafted a masterpiece in her book: Fit For Faith- 7 Weeks to Improve Spiritual and Physical Health. This author skillfully combines faith and fitness and marries them together. Helping readers to understand and experience first hand the correlation between the two. A great read for a group or anyone that wants a better spiritual and physical life.

By Theresa Jones
With Fit for Faith, you will learn about the 3 main components of physical health: cardio/strength training, stretching and healthy eating. You will also learn about 3 important components to your spiritual health: daily prayer, scripture reading and journalling. Ms. payne explains how to combine these components in an effort to help you develop a healthier physical body, while working towards a stronger faith,

By combining a physical element with a spiritual one she shows us how exercising your body with cardio and strength training is similar to exercising your spirit through prayer. Next she talks about the similarities of healthy eating and Bible study, that as you feed your body you also must feed your spirit. Finally we learn that stretching exercises is beneficial to your body as journaling is beneficial to stretching your spirit.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the author, for review purposes. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

By Brenda J Wood
You know my reputation for common sense and Fit for Faith meets that criteria. Everything you ever needed to know about losing weight in a Godly manner is in this book.

Because you and God together make a majority, you can expect Fit for Faith to help you reach your healthy goals.

A winning combination
By Yvonne Pat Wright
Fit for Faith is a book whose time has come and one which is sure to become a must have for anyone who has ever thought of embarking on a change of lifestyle and not known where to start, or more importantly, how to undertake it successfully and in an orderly manner.

In her remarkable how-to book, Kimberley Payne has detailed a seven week step-by-step, holistic programme encompassing diet, exercise and faith in God divided in two parts along with appendices of exercises and tips. The first section sets out a detailed healthy lifestyle programme – a variety of exercises, their frequency and duration; food and drink choices and suggested eating strategies for best results. Great emphasis is placed on the importance of invoking God’s guidance and help throughout, noting that man does not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.

The second section is a 49 day workbook, bookended with a prayer at the start of each day and a relevant verse of scripture to close. The recordings of the exercises undertaken, healthy food choices and a point for reflection, seemed designed to be the person’s accountability partner, not leaving any room for exclusion of the day’s routine.

Payne is no doubt passionate that every person who reads her book and takes up its challenge will come away spiritually and physically healthier and to this end she has included in a handy easy to follow manual, all that is necessary to achieve these goals.

If there are books you must have at all times, this is sure to be one of them, not as a casual read but as a guide to achieving spiritual and physical well being and a ready reckoner for maintenance at the end of the seven week programme

By Janet Eckles
Finally–— a companion who will walk with us through each step of the tough road to maintain our physical health. A friend who will cheer us on to make correct choices. A mentor to dispel myths and a teacher who places God as the appointed trainer for our soul. Fit for Faith will see many free from misconceptions, insecurities and often self-imposed setbacks. The program has triumph resonating through each step as its insight is drawn from God’s Word. And with obedience, work and commitment, we can expect vibrant, long-lasting physical and spiritual health.

By Darlene Shortridge
I am excited to apply the teachings in Fit for Faith as I strive to improve my health, both physically and spiritually. God created us as complex, multifaceted beings and we need to address each and every area because our entire well being is necessary to carry out the plans God has for our lives. Ms. Payne does a wonderful job of calling attention where attention is due.

Just in Time for the New Year!
By Gospel Scribe
Just in Time for the New Year! Kimberley Payne has written a wonderfully practical and biblical ebook entitled, Fit for Faith -7 Weeks to Improved Spiritual and Physical Health. The book is very easy to understand, as well as inspiring, despite the medical and physiological terminology used intermittently in a few chapters of the book. The book is replete with practical and self guided exercises to increase your fitness in every area of life (not just physical), during a seven-week timeframe. This book is highly recommended to start the new year off right, or for any other time that the reader may be led to begin a wholistic and intensive makeover.

By Enliven Magazine
The book Fit for Faith- 7 weeks to improved spiritual & physical health is a much needed resource in our world today. People are often more focused on their outer appearance and not as concerned with their overall health. The book provides motivational tools that many are lacking, in terms of looking beyond themselves to the Father for help with losing weight and concurring strongholds.

Enliven had the chance to speak with the author, Kimberley Payne, about her inspiration for the book. Here is what she shares…

“Although I’d been born and raised within the church, it wasn’t until I attended a Christian women’s retreat that I realized how much I had compartmentalized my life: family in one corner, work in another; finances here, health there; faith in its own box. I began to see that my faith shouldn’t be kept partitioned off from the rest of my life. Instead, it needed to be intertwined with all the parts of my life. If I was going to follow Him as my Lord, God wanted me to include Him in everything and that included my health and fitness.

That was when I began a spiritual and physical health partnership with God. Each morning, I started my day with a prayer. “Dear Lord, I pray that You will remind me every day that You are at work within me and around me.” Or, “Dear God, I pray that You will instill in me a sense of responsibility to care for my body—to both nourish and sustain it.” At the end of the day, I would write in my diary about my new faith and fitness journey. I also spent time reading my Bible and seeking out scriptural truths about God’s character. I started to memorize favorite verses such as, “I can do everything through Him who gives me strength” (Philippians 4:13).

Then I felt a God-nudge that this type of program would also help others. So I used what I had learned, including my experiences as a personal trainer, to create a workbook. The book is written for women, age 18 to70, who are sedentary to moderately active. Their goals are to control weight and feel better physically, while improving their spiritual walk. They want a lifestyle change, not a “quick fix” and they want God to be part of their everyday life.”

We all want to live better, healthier lives, the Bible tells us in Matthew 6:33 that we should seek God in all things, so we should seek him in living a healthy lifestyle too. This book is an excellent tool to help us all get on the right track. It’s enough of the same old same old; it’s time to do it for real and do it right, for God!

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