Women of Strength

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A Devotional to Improve Spiritual & Physical Health

Women of Strength
A Devotional to Improve Spiritual & Physical Health

Do you want to get your health and fitness on track? Discover these devotions that can help you keep your body and spirit healthy.

Are you battling obstacles that get in the way of your wellness? Do you need encouragement to spend more time with God? Have you backslidden in your healthy habits? Kimberley Payne is a former personal trainer whose writing style is warm, friendly, and easy to understand. She often tells on herself, reassuring you that you’re not the only one that falls off the diet and exercise wagon.

Women of Strength is a book that takes you through the year in twenty-four devotions dedicated to the seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn. Each season is further divided into sections that include a fact on common health and fitness questions, a reflection, a prayer, a Bible verse, and an energizing exercise.

Kimberley guides you along the path to a stronger you as she shares her personal life lessons, devotionals, and exercises. She’s on a quest to help other women improve their spiritual and physical health through the seasons.

By reading these reflections you’ll be feeling calmed and encouraged instead of shamed and useless.

In Women of Strength you’ll discover:

  • A loving, gentle, and even funny way to get healthy
  • Relatable, guilt-free anecdotes that you can return to each year
  • Ways to include God’s word in right eating habits and exercise
  • An emphasis on living life in balance
  • Practical advice on how to get back on track and overcome obstacles

Women of Strength is a great reminder that God wants to be involved in your life, including your health journey.

If you like devotionals that uplift, motivate, and inspire then you’ll love this book that relates your spiritual life with your physical life. Buy Women of Strength to take better care of your whole self today!


A Devotional to Improve Spiritual & Physical Health

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Customer Reviews

by Sue Beth
I found this devotional to be well-designed, inspirational, and uplifting! The Bible verses were well placed. I came away feeling confident that in His eyes I can do anything! The reassurances of His desires for my health (body and mind) will stick with me as I pursue this health journey.

Fitness on the outside and the inside!
by Julie J. Ranson
I thoroughly enjoyed the applications in this devotional for women. It fit my lifestyle choices already, yet also challenged me to go deeper. Each devotion ends with a variety of exercises, so to speak–exercise your funny bone with a lame joke; a fitness question answered; a specific exercise with directions.
Kimberley has created a devotional series for every part of your life, and the individual devotions are ones you can return to over and over each year to get yourself out of the groove you know you’re gonna abandon. We all do!

Improve our Health and Spiritual Life
By Seth Strauss
Women of Strength is an excellent devotional. It is positive and uplifting of how to put God’s word in right eating habits and exercise. I rate it a 5 star. Putting God first, we take better care of our physical and spiritual care. It was easy to understand and very helpful.

A wonderful reminder to include God in everything you do
By Amazon Customer
I really liked this devotional, it was just what I was looking for. I love the format, and I could relate to the devotionals. It’s a great reminder that God wants to be involved in your life, including your journey to fitness and I recommend it to anyone on the journey.

By Donna Mann
You can have your choice how you want to do this. Kimberley offers many ways to begin, stick to it and stay at it. There is not a crack in the wall into which you can escape. There is no excuse big enough. Why? Because Kimberley Payne suggests that ‘you can honour your body by taking care of it – both physical and spiritually. Today is always the best day to begin.

By Violet Nesdoly
Stay physically & spiritually fit throughout the year
Kimberley Payne takes us through the year in her devotional e-book Women of Strength. No, that’s not through the year as in 365 devotions, but through it in twenty-four, six each in sections devoted to the seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn.

Each devotion is further divided into several parts. In the first, Payne talks frankly about some aspect of her life, relating her everyday experience to her spiritual journey and encouraging us to do the same.

The next section, “Exercise Your Funny Bone,” contains cute chucklers like: “The Best Vitamin for a Christian: B1”

In “You Asked” she answers a common fitness or exercise question.

“Faith Lift” is a prayer.

In “Reflection” Payne talks about how she’s putting her exercise and diet resolves into practice in everyday life–taking into account the season too.

“Top Tip” is a cautionary tip for readers. For example, the tip for the first devotional is to check with your doctor before making significant changes in your physical activity level.

“Bible Truth” is a Bible verse to read and/or memorize.

“Challenge” contains a diet or exercise challenge, e.g. “Drink one less caffeine beverage per day”

And in the final part, “Praise Move,” Payne describes a physical exercise readers can try, along with advice on what to avoid when doing it.

I found this a great little devotional for several reasons. For one, Payne’s writing style is warm, friendly and easy to understand. She often tells on herself, reassuring us that we’re not the only ones that fall off the diet and exercise wagon.

The seasonal aspect of the book gives us an opportunity to see Payne in action throughout the year. Especially in the “Reflection” part, we see how she deals with seasonal challenges like exercising outside in winter, the changing schedule of summer holidays when the whole family is underfoot, and incorporating exercise into days when her children need her attention.

I really like her emphasis on living life in balance, which includes balance in exercise–she encourages a combination of flexibility, strength, and aerobic exercises–balance in eating, balancing the needs of family with personal needs, and balance in not allowing secular demands choke out spiritual life.

I found the “You Asked” sections informative. And though all the “Funny Bone” jokes were amusing, several were really quite hilarious.

This book would be great for personal use. I can also see it being a good resource for a woman’s Bible study group in the way it brings up a variety of topics for discussion, deals with seasonal challenges, encourages healthy living, and has a built-in activity (exercise) component.

You’ll make fit ladies out of us all yet, Kim!

By LyonsLady
Wonderful book!!!

Below is the Introduction of the wonderful book…

How can you become a woman of strength today?

“You can honor your body by taking care of it – both physically and spiritually. Women of Strength is the perfect companion for your health program. There are four divisions to follow the seasons – winter, spring, summer, autumn. Each season is further divided into 6 sections that include an inspirational devotional, a fact on common health and fitness questions, a reflection, a prayer, a Bible verse, and an energizing exercise.

My prayer is for you to improve your spiritual and physical health through the seasons!”

Books that are written about healthy eating and exercising almost always make me stress out in a certain way because I know how to do both yet struggle in getting myself motivated.

But this one has been a wonderful surprise!!!

The way Kimberley has broken down each section is just an awesome idea…There is no pressure or things that are hard to do…no need to go to the gym if you do not need to…some people like the gym and can afford them…

In each section she shares her outlook on her life, then exercises, the funny bone, questions most of us would ask ourselves about what we eat, exercise, top tips, Bible Truths, challenges and Praise moves!

As I was reading this book I noticed that actually became calm and very encouraged instead of shamed and useless…

It does not give you an overwhelming “MUST DO” push but a loving, gentle and even funny way to get healthy. And the added bonus and most important by using Gods Word intertwined all throughout.

Kimberley I thank God for you in obeying His Word and guidance and for sharing this blessing in book form that will help so many women out there and at any age to truly become…a “Woman of Strength”

Yet again another book you have written that I truly recommend to any woman!!!!!!!


By Lorilyn Roberts
Can I Be a Woman of Strength?
I had backslidden on my exercising and had been depressed about it for a few months, so I started reading this book expecting to feel guilty and disillusioned about my lack of commitment to something I know is so important.

But instead I was encouraged. Ms. Payne gives practical advice on how to get back on track and overcome some of the obstacles that get in the way of all of us – like lack of time, setting realistic goals, and developing a plan of action.

Women of Strength also integrates a spiritual message, recognizing that our outward physical body is a manifestation of our inward beauty. By taking care of all aspects of our nature–heart, mind, soul and limb–we can glorify God and stay on the path of a healthy lifestyle.

I am encouraged to get back on track. Now I realize, by starting and not condemning myself (which is really more painful), I can work toward being a woman of strength and even enjoy the process!

By Carol Ann
Unique, practical and inspirational
Kimberley Payne writes from the heart as well as experience. Her devotional book, Women of Strength, was born out of her desire to become physically healthy. As a former personal trainer, Payne knew about exercise and routine but began to realize that something or, as she says, “Someone” was missing in her health and fitness plan. That missing piece of the puzzle is God. Payne felt led by His spirit to include God in every part of her life, including something as small as losing a few pounds.

Payne has divided her devotional book into four sections to reflect the four seasons. She has further divided each season into six sections to include an inspirational devotional, a common health fact and fitness questions, a reflection, a prayer, scripture, top tips, a challenge and an energizing exercise.

She also includes “Exercise Your Funny Bone” with each devotional. For example, “Seven days without prayer makes one weak.” We need to laugh each day to exercise our insides too!

This unique, practical, inspirational book reflects the author’s quest to help other women improve their spiritual and physical health through the seasons. Get your copy and get healthy, physically and spiritually. I give it a 5-star rating!–Carol Round, author of Journaling with Jesus: How to Draw Closer to God, and the companion workbook, “The 40-Day Challenge.”

By Shelley Hitz
Encouraging! Inspiration for the body and the soul!
I really enjoyed this devotional. It is different than any other devotional I currently have and enjoyed the change. Each devotional is broken down into several sections as follows:

Devotional – I liked the personal stories she shared.

Exercise for the funny bone – a short joke or pun.

Exercise Q & A – she answers questions she has received on exercise and fitness.

Faith Lift – short prayer.

Reflection – short refection.

Top Tip – usually a fitness tip.

Bible Truth – a scripture that relates.

Challenge – an application either physically or spiritually.

Praise Move – an exercise to incorporate.

Just reading this devotional inspired me to be more physically active and exercise as well as spend more time with God. Recommended!

By Amazon Customer
I enjoyed walking my way through “Women of Strength – a devotional to improve spiritual & physical health” written by Kimberly Payne. I love the way she divides each devotion!

Devotion – speaking of physical health

Parallel to spiritual health

Exercise Your Funny Bone – joke concerning health

You Asked – a question and its answer

Faith Lift – prayer

Reflection – look back

Top Tip – a health tip

Bible Truth – Scripture


Praise Move – a quick exercise and how to do it

I would DEFINITELY recommend this book as a devotional for women who are trying to keep their bodies (God’s temple), minds, and spirits, healthy.

By Pamela Carmichael
Workout the body and the spirit
The Women of Strength devotional is a good mix between the physical and spiritual aspects of our lives. I like how Kimberley shares from her life the challenges involved in strengthening ourselves physically or spiritually and yet shows ways we can overcome them. She reminds us that fitness isn’t about the activity as much as it is “about enjoying the quality of your life and getting out there and moving”.

If you need to strengthen the body and at the same time the spirit, then read Women of Strength. You will learn how to strike the balance needed to become a strong woman in the Lord.

By Alice J. Wisler
 Improve Your Well Being!

Former exercise trainer, Kimberley Payne, shares tips and encouragement for women to get on track with fitness. This easy-to-read devotional helps the reader stay the course as Kimberley focuses on God and scripture. Her chapters all tie together with getting the mind, body and spirit into shape. Read it and be encouraged. Discover your strength!

By Creeden
WOW, just wow.
When I picked up this book, I had no idea what I was in for. The author’s introduction felt like a page from my own personal diary. This book seems to be just what I needed to get my battle with the bulge back on track. The way the author relates our spiritual life with our physical life is eye-opening. This book is short, but each day’s “devotion” is worth savoring. I will be checking out more of these books, for sure!

By Chris
Taking Care of Your Body and Spirit
I really like how the author laid out this book. It’s different and creative. The sections are divided into seasons instead of days/weeks. Also, she does a great job combining health tips with spiritual growth. I like how each section has work-out questions she answers and has an actual work-out/exercise you can do. I recommend this to anyone who wants to get inspired to take care of their body and spirit.

By Rose A. Mccauley
Do you want to be a woman of strength–physically, emotionally and especially spiritually? Then let Kimberley Payne guide you along the path to a stronger you as she shares her personal life-lessons, devotionals, and exercises with you.

This book takes you through the whole year with various suggestions for each season, so order it now, and get started whenever you want. Reading one segment a day will keep you encouraged to continue on with your exercise program to a healthier you.

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