Writers on Writing

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Interviews With Writers of Faith

Writers on Writing
Interviews With Writers of Faith

Do you want your faith to be reflected in your writing? Discover these interviews that can give you a word of encouragement as a Christian writer.

Are you a believer looking to write from a Christian worldview?  Do you have a love of both writing and the Gospel? Have you ever wanted to be inspired by stories from other writers of faith? Kimberley Payne compiled real-life interviews with writers across the world about how they approach and respond to the work and ministry of writing.

Writers on Writing is a collection of 35 interviews from writers of faith exploring where they get their ideas, what they like best about writing, and what inspires them. The writers offer insight into who influenced them, and how their faith is reflected in their writing. By reading these stories you’ll be feeling encouraged as a writer and in your writing journey.

In Writers on Writing  you’ll discover:

  • A snapshot into the personal lives of faith writers
  • What it means to be a writer with a Christian worldview
  • A word of encouragement in the ministry of writing
  • Deeper insights into how the writing process unfolds
  • Writing advice, suggestions, and guidance

Writers on Writing is an inspirational anthology that offers writers at any stage solid guidance to meet their needs.

If you like writer profiles and unique accounts, you’ll love this collection of interviews emphasizing the diversity and passion of Christian writers. Buy Writers on Writing to gain a deeper understanding of what it means to be a writer who is Christian today!

Interviews With Writers of Faith


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Customer Reviews

Thoughtful and Encouraging
by Ed Hird

Kimberley Payne has done other writers a great favour in her thoughtful compiling of many other writers from a Christian worldview. The questions that she has posed each of them help us get deeper insights into how the writing process unfolds for each author. Kimberley shows through her book how writing can be very challenging and yet similarly invigorating. The book Writers on Writing shows us how writing is a collective experience that is strengthened through collaboration and mutual interaction. Well done.

Great Encouragement for Writers
by Lisa J. Lickel
Writers on Writing is a nifty, sweet little book. For those writers who need a bit of a pick-me-up, a word of encouragement or even challenge, these interviews might just be a big help.

Compiler of this book, Kimberley Payne, interviewed several authors of inspirational fiction. Each gave a brief biography and responded to a series of ten questions. These authors approach and respond to the work and ministry of writing in unique ways. They come from diverse backgrounds and write mostly articles and stories and publish on a platform called Medium.com. They are pastors, teachers, journalists, veterans, tech experts, nurses and much more, from all over the world. Some of the questions include where their ideas come from, influencers, writing goals, how their faith influences the work, and things they’ve learned. One of my favorites is about balancing professional and personal time for these authors. Regarding balancing time, some mentioned “negotiating” with partners or family for time; others set word count or number of hours for a weekly goal. All good advice. Their story ideas come from the news, people-watching, history, and Scripture.

Everyone has a different method, reason, and hope for their work. These stories in Writers on Writing: Interviews with writers of faith will offer writers at any stage solid guidance to meet their needs.

A Very Inspiring Book
by Joseph J. Serwach
Kimberly did an amazing job of reaching out to Christian authors finding out what “moves” them to do what they are called to do. This is a beautiful book.


Book Review
by Allison Lynn
Last year, I joined Inscribe Christian Writers’ Fellowship to be part of a national writing community.

In addition to finding lots of writing opportunities and inspiration, it’s also been a great way to discover new books!

When Kimberley Payne started talking about her new book, I knew I wanted to read and review it.

Writers On Writing – Interviews With Writers of Faith is a collection of writer profiles compiled from the Koinonia community. This Medium-based publication features “stories by Christian writers to encourage, entertain, and empower you in your faith, food, fitness, family, friendship, and fun.” The editors have been hosting interviews with their 350+ contributors to provide a “snapshot into the lives of writers of faith.” This collection features 35 interviews from this series.

The writers represent a wide spectrum of ages, backgrounds, nationalities, and experience levels. Their common ground is a love of both writing and the Gospel.

Each writer was asked such questions as:
– What inspires you?
– What do you like most/least about writing?
– How do you balance professional time with personal time?
– What makes you unique?
– How is your faith reflected in your writing?

Owing to the original online format, many of the answers to these questions are quite short. This isn’t a collection of long form essays on writing. It is, however, a wonderful collection of writer profiles, emphasizing the diversity and passion of Christian writers. The answers are straightforward and honest. You can easily read the whole book in a day, or read an interview a day for a month’s worth of inspiration. Some will connect with you more than others (as is the case in any collection), but every interview has some gem that you’ll want to underline and bookmark for further reflection.

I think this would be an especially fantastic book for the newer writer of faith –
either for the writer to buy, or for a supportive friend to offer as a gift!

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