Healthy Body Healthy Spirit

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4 Key Habits to Improve Your Personal Health

Healthy Body, Healthy Spirit
4 Key Habits to Improve Your Personal Health

Do you want to bring balance into your life? Discover this book that can help you to make positive lifestyle changes and reach your goals.

Are you looking for motivation to eat right and exercise? Do you want to read your Bible and grow deeper in your prayer life? Have you been lax with healthy habits? Kimberley Payne is a seasoned personal trainer who is passionate to help others achieve spiritual and physical well-being.

Healthy Body, Healthy Spirit is a collection of answers from seven health and fitness experts who provide great tips on how to study your Bible, exercise, eat healthy, and pray.  The author interviewed guests on her Health Matters podcast and shares their responses in this anthology.

Kimberley provides motivation and encouragement to improve fitness and faith. Her goal is to share how Bible study and prayer are to the spirit what healthy eating and exercise are to the body.

In Healthy Body, Healthy Spirit you’ll discover:

  • Helpful tips to deepen your Bible reading
  • Simple ideas to make your diet healthier
  • Ways to make exercise a daily habit
  • Tips for a better prayer life
  • Reader-friendly approach live a blessed, balanced life

Healthy Body, Healthy Spirit is a great reminder of how to stay fit both physically and spiritually.

If you like practical books that educate and encourage, then you’ll love this book that offers ideas for a healthier you. Buy Healthy Body, Healthy Spirit to bring balance into your life today!

A Glimpse Inside
Click here to watch 30-second YouTube video tips on Bible study, Eating Healthy, Exercise, and Prayer


4 Key Habits to Improve Your Personal Health

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Customer Reviews

By Alan Anderson
Kimberley Payne’s book, Healthy Body, Healthy Spirit: 4 Key Habits to Improve Your Personal Health, is an encouragement for anyone with the desire to bring balance into one’s life. I like the reader friendliness of her approach to writing this book. Her JumpStart Challenge is worth taking part in for those serious about their health. A focus of the Challenge is on the BEEP model. The model follows four disciplines of Bible study, Eating healthy, Exercise, and Prayer. Further motivation to get started on the program is provided by seven experts in health and fitness.

Now I am in my late sixties and know health benefits of staying active, I encourage readers to invest in yourself by investing in Kimberley’s wonderful little book. If you have been searching for a way to provide balance to your life, you no longer have to look further. Buy the book. You will be glad you did.

by SueBeth
This book is easy to follow as the format is simple. The book is inspirational as well as encouraging because it makes the challenge of eating well and feeling well easy to achieve!

Keeping Your Faith and Life Simple
By Janis Cox
These are great tips about how to study your Bible, Exercise, Eat Healthy and Pray. BEEP. A free gift of 2 weeks of emails to help Jump Start your life. Inspiring and encouraging.

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