Animals in the Bible: Activity Book

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Animals in the Bible: Activity Book

Animals in the Bible: Activity Book
Coloring Pages & Word Search Puzzles

Are you looking for stimulating fun-filled activities? Discover brain-boosting word finds and coloring pages to captivate young children.

Are you looking to boost your child’s vocabulary? Do you want to strike a balance between educational value and entertainment? Have you ever wanted to keep your kids off their screens? Kimberley Payne is a mother and grandmother who believes in building young people’s confidence and self-esteem while helping them to grow and develop.

Animals in the Bible: Activity Book for Kids offers over 35 hand-drawn coloring pages and word search puzzles matching the animals and stories found in Animals in the Bible: Learn About Animals While Exploring God’s Word. By coloring and completing these puzzles you’ll help your child develop fine motor skills and improve spelling.

In Animals in the Bible: Activity Book for Kids you and your child will discover:

  • Lifelike illustrations of over 35 animals found in the Bible
  • Enhanced fine motor skills as kids paint and colour
  • Hours of entertainment and skill development
  • Enriched concentration and organizational skills
  • A combination of learning and fun

Animals in the Bible: Activity Book for Kids is a useful resource that fosters a sense of accomplishment as kids color and problem-solve.

If you like a tool that’ll keep your child’s mind active and sharp, then you’ll love this activity book.

Buy Animals in the Bible: Activity Book for Kids to inspire children to develop lifelong skills today!

Animals in the Bible: Activity Book

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Customer Reviews

Great Activity Book
by Diane
I ordered these as Christmas gifts for 3 6-year-olds (2 boys and one girl) and their moms told me that they were a big hit. One was already familiar with word searches and one mom told me her son is just starting at this level and it was perfect for him. All of them liked the gift. I did expect there to be more than one type of activity, but that was OK if the kids enjoy them.

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