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Ad-ReneeDay 1: Inside Out with Renee Wiggins

It is important to take care of your Temple, from the inside out, however, most of us only look at the outside. In order to look good on the outside, one must have confidence, self-esteem and know who they are. Renee Wiggins will share on taking care of you (Your Temple) from the inside out.

Renee Wiggins, RDN, LD, owner of Results By Renee has mentored, trained and changed lives in in the health and wellness industry for over 20 years. A strong believer and encourager in living an authentic, healthy lifestyle, Renee specializes in designing customized lifestyle programs that are tailored to clients’ needs, goals, and habits. Her areas of expertise are Diabetes and Weight Management. She is also the internet radio host of Being Fabulously Fit in God’s Kingdom. In addition, Renee is an Amazon Best Seller Author, and her titles include Can I Exercise Sitting Down, Stress Down-Lift UP, Transformations: Give UP The Struggle and, her latest, Being Fabulously Fit in God’s Kingdom.


AdvDay 2: Steps to Christian Weight Loss with Cathy Morenzie

Think losing weight is just about eating less and moving more? Think again! Weight loss is a spiritual battle and I can show you a 5 step practical plan to lose weight and keep it off.

Cathy Morenzie has been an expert in the health and wellness field for almost 30 years. She is also the author of Healthy by Design, Weight Loss God’s Way. Her comprehensive approach of body,mind and spirit has helped thousands of people over the years to release excess weight and develop positive attitudes about their health and their bodies. Visit her website.


Brenda adv

Day 3: When Bulimia is No Longer Enough

Tired of planning your life around your next binge? Decided that your eating disorder doesn’t give you the same satisfaction it once did? Then this topic is for you. Don’t have to stay stuck where you are. Let’s talk.

Brenda Wood is an internationally known motivational speaker, a former TV hostess and a recovered bulimic who has gained and lost thousands of pounds.  She’s actually fought the food fight and won the battle! Brenda lives just north of Toronto, Ontario and loves to write, read and walk on snow free paths! Her books include: Meeting Myself, Snippets from a Binging and Bulging Mind, and God, Gluttony & You- a definitive Bible study on the subject.



 Day 4: Move from bondage to freedom: Design your rockstar life

Paige Hilken will be sharing with us how to create a ROCKSTAR life filled with freedom! She thinks that all too often we find ourselves in bondage or trapped, which holds us back from achieving our optimal health. By asking ourselves 3 significant questions, we can drastically improve our condition in life and move forward into a life of complete freedom. She will teach you how to not only be physically healthy but how to get healthy spiritually and emotionally as well in order to create the life you were designed to live!

Paige Hilken is a health coach and business mentor who specializes in working with women to create a life of absolute freedom! She helps women love themselves and their lives by teaching them not just how to live well, but how to become the absolute BEST version of themselves. As a Board Certified Holistic Health Coach, founder of The Wellness Paige and successful entrepreneur, Paige focuses on more than just eating the right foods. Her philosophy is that you need a balance in all areas of your life in order to achieve optimal health! Are you ready to start living the life you were designed to live? Paige is ready to help and can’t wait to get to know you!


Ad-ToniDay 5: Breaking The Yolk Yoke: The Biblical Beginning … and End to Our Struggle With Food.

What would happen if you turned to Christ, instead of the fridge, to save you from your troubles? Step out of Hell’s kitchen and follow the blessed, fragrant aromas of hope that lead to God’s Kitchen! Speaker Toni Perry discusses Christ-centered guidelines for physical and spiritual sustenance.

Toni Perry is a pioneering wit and energetic talent who combines her biblical insight and culinary skills to offer an interactive and engaging way to study the life-giving precepts and promises found in the Bible. She is the author of Breaking The Yolk Yoke: The Biblical Beginning … and End to Our Struggle With Food.

Visit her website.


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