How to Engage In the Hope of Advent

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How to Engage In the Hope of Advent
Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

You may actually be thirsty when you think you’re hungry

When I worked as a personal trainer, I helped my clients to achieve their health and fitness goals. I designed strength training and cardiovascular exercise programs.

I also helped them to reach their weight loss targets. They reduced weight through exercise and healthy eating.

A nugget of advice that I returned to often was to remind my clients that many times when they thought they were hungry and wanted to eat, they may actually be thirsty. They were told to drink water and wait 10 minutes to gauge whether this satisfied their need. More often than not, it did.

When they longed for food they learned that they needed water.

As a Christian, I’ve learned that when I want something I may need something else.

Something only God can provide.

A longing for Christ.

In this season of Advent, the first Sunday is represented by the symbol of hope. This tradition recalls the hope God’s people clung to through the generations of anticipating the first coming of the Messiah, and the hope we have as we watch for Christ’s second coming.

There are three practical ways to satiate this longing heart.

  1. Make room for Jesus. Be intentional. Carve out time to sit with Him and seek Him.
  2. Demonstrate generosity. Donate to a worthwhile cause. Give your money and your time.
  3. Celebrate in community. Build each other up. Reach out to others.

Allow the hope of the coming Saviour to satisfy your longing as nothing else can.

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