30-Day Fitness Health Challenge: Week 3

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Mud team

Our Mudmoiselle Team

30-Day Fitness Health Challenge

Week 3 in summary

When I stepped on the scale today, I didn’t lose any weight. So I got on it again to double check, and again to triple check, and again… Although I understand that my clothes are feeling less tight (I should’ve taken my measurements) and I can see a difference in the mirror, it’s frustrating when it’s not reflected on the scale. It’s hard to let go of the desire to see the numbers going down. This won’t stop me on my challenge as I recognize it for what it is; just a number.

Doing pushups along the trail

Doing pushups along the trail

My BEEP Plan

B – Bible Study: I love to start my day reading one chapter from the book of Acts and to end my day reading from my Bible-in-a-year. It makes for a more centred day and helps me to focus on what’s important.
E – Eating Healthy: My husband has joined me in choosing healthier foods. This week we bought strawberries, black berries, and raspberries along with spinach salad and asparagus. It makes it much easier to follow a healthy eating plan when I have the support of my hubby.

Salmon meal

Salmon meal

E – Exercise: To bump up my exercise routine, I’ve joined a team of ladies to compete in Mudmoiselle  It’s a fundraiser for the Canadian Cancer Society. We started training for the obstacle course — a 5 km race of mud up the local ski hill. I’m excited to get out and train with these women!

P – Prayer: I’m blessed to have many opportunities to pray – in groups: Sunday mornings before church service, Sunday night prayer meetings, and Tuesday mornings, and online: Facebook prayer groups, writer prayer teams, and by telephone: church prayer chain, and individual.

You can read my daily posts on my Facebook page. I’d love for you to join me in this journey!

How was your third week of the challenge?

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4 thoughts on “30-Day Fitness Health Challenge: Week 3

  1. Keep pressing on Kimberley, it will show up on the scales. Slow and steady and biking will make a great difference. Praying for you daily.

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