5 Ways to Fit Fitness into a Busy Schedule

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5 Ways to Fit Fitness into a Busy Schedule by Alex Gendron

Staying fit and healthy is everyone’s goal. However, this is usually taken for granted due to the busyness of one’s schedule. Some find it hard to give time to fitness routines due to jam-packed loads both at work and personal life. But then, if you are really eager and serious in maintaining a fit and healthy body, then it’s time to think of effective strategies that can help you achieve this goal despite how busy life can get. Read on and learn some of the ways to fit fitness even in your busiest and craziest days.

Make exercise social

Make your fitness routines more social by incorporating activities that involve other people. Try to combine both exercising and catching up with friends by asking them for a walk instead of having coffee. Also, ask them to go bike riding or indoor climbing with you. You can always include a more adventurous activity that can improve your body and well-being.

This can not only enhance physical health but also the emotional quality of life. According to research, outdoor fitness exercises can significantly reduce one’s stress level. In turn, this will greatly improve and motivate you to strive more and work harder.

Make your workouts ultra efficient

Be sure that every workout routine you perform is efficient and effective. According to some fitness and lifestyle guides, you only need to workout three days a week. Each day should include 45 minutes of various routines.

Try to maximize your time and dedicate each day with different compound lift exercises such as a squat, deadlift, and overhead press. These exercises are known to be the bare bones of an effective workout plan. You can also consider mixing cardio exercises or marathon training with these basic lift routines for better results and gains despite the busy schedule.

Wake up early to be able to do your workout routines early. This is a very effective and productive way that can help improve your lifestyle. Having your fitness activities first thing in the morning can eliminate the possible hindrances that life offers along the way. Keep in mind that life is full of surprises. You may encounter unexpected events and situations that will conspire to keep you away from doing your scheduled exercises. Some of which includes traffic jams, overtime in office, last minute food and drinks with friends, or even unexpected family gatherings.

Performing your workout routines in the morning will let you enjoy your day no matter what scenarios may occur. It will not linger or keep hanging over your head the entire day. Most importantly, waking up and exercising early will make you feel accomplished giving you a good and sound sleep for a more energized body the next day.

Performing your workout routines in the morning will let you enjoy your day no matter what scenarios may occur.  (tweet this)


Frontload or backload your workouts

Workout plans can be adjusted depending on your availability. This can be frontloaded or backloaded depending on your available schedule. There are times when you cannot stick to your workout plan due to conflicts. Adjust the fitness plan accordingly and remember that changing the schedule is a lot better than having no schedule or plan at all.

Keep in mind that the most important thing is to get at least three basic lift exercises in a week no matter what happened. So if think you will not be able to do your routine as planned, change it at once. But be sure to give at least 48 hours in between lifts. This is to allow your body to recover its full strength to be able to perform the next routines.

Make workouts work for you

Always make sure that the workout routines you perform are working for you. This means that your exercise plans should not only be effective but also enjoyable and fun. You must use your imagination and think of creative ways to incorporate your routines into the things you love doing.

Try to consider building interest towards a certain activity by enrolling or participating. This will allow you to discover new and exciting things that will eventually become a habit. Thus, giving you a better outlook towards fitness and health.

Make fitness a lifestyle change, not a time suck

Fitness routines should be part of your lifestyle change and not merely for time sucking. There are some who spend time doing exercises regularly but tend to stop when they begin to feel burn out. They want to have their previous life back and in turn give up their fitness activities. Experiences like this should be prevented. Don’t think that fitness is time-consuming and gives conflict to your life or else you’ll fail. Instead, look at fitness as something that will fit seamlessly and effortlessly in your life.

Always keep in mind that your workout routines should be kept minimal and within your schedule. This way, you’ll be able to keep this long-term and with all the positivity that it can offer.

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