Are You a Fan of God?

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College football stadium by Paul Brennan

College football stadium by Paul Brennan

Are You a Fan of God?

The year was 1991. Laurier faced Mt. Allison at the Sky Dome for the Vanier Cup. This was my graduating year from Wilfrid Laurier University, so six of my girlfriends and I decided to go to the championship football game.

We drove from Waterloo to Toronto, and then took the subway into downtown. The excitement in the air was energizing. Most fans dressed in the WLU colours of purple and gold. I remember wearing a gold coloured scarf to support my team.

Once at the stadium, we found our seats and joined in the cheering. What a game! I had never been to a football game and so my best friend described to me exactly what was happening. I

Caught up in the brouhaha, I yelled and screamed until my voice was raw. I’m not sure why I even bought a seat because I didn’t sit down for the entire game. I waved my scarf up in the air until my arms were tired.

You can imagine the burst of sheer joy when my team won the cup. The party continued late into the night. I was elated that my team had won. I was proud to be a Laurier student. I was happy to be on the winning team.

Remembering that football game reminded me of a poster my son had in his bedroom. It was a picture of a muscle-clad man sporting a t-shirt with the motto,

“Be on the winning team!”

At the bottom it clarified,

“God’s team.”

I am a member of God’s team. I joined when I gave my heart to Jesus. I feel proud to be a Christian. I am happy knowing that when I die I’ll go to heaven.

Funny though, one would think that my salvation is a little more important than my favourite team winning a sports event. Knowing where I will spend eternity is a tad bit more inspiring than a plaque on the wall with the year of the championship.

So why don’t I treat it as such?

Why can I go to a football game and scream, jump and raise my arms in support of my team, yet on Sundays at church, I am reluctant to even raise a hand?

Why is it that as a fan of a sporting event I feel it’s okay to act fanatical, but within the walls of my own church family I am so much more reserved?

This year, I resolve to act more enthusiastic about what truly matters in life. I’m going to sing out loud, cheer, and yes, I’m going to raise both my arms at church.

David, wearing a linen ephod, danced before the LORD with all his might, while he and the entire house of Israel brought up the ark of the LORD with shouts and the sound of trumpets (2 Samuel 6:14-15 NIV.)


I am a member of God’s team. I joined when I gave my heart to Jesus. (tweet this)


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