Church Is Not a Spectator Sport

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Church Is Not a Spectator Sport

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Church is not meant to be a spectator sport

I drove my own snowmobile for over 20 years but recently gave up my sled in favour of riding on the back of my hubby’s. Riding on the back of a snowmobile has definite benefits compared to driving.

I love that I can leisurely look around, taking in the scenery around me instead of focusing on the trail in front of me.

It’s much easier on my muscles. No longer do I need to soak in a bath of Epsom salts to soothe my achy arm and shoulder muscles after a long ride.

I no longer need to know the plan for the day, mentally preparing for the ride. I don’t care if we return at night, as it’s not up to me to see in the dark.

I don’t need to pay attention and can let my mind wander. I can even close my eyes and drift into a light sleep.

Snowmobiling has become a spectator sport for me.

Due to COVID, church became like a spectator sport, too. Something that I watched other people do without becoming involved myself.

And like taking the back seat in snowmobiling, I liked it. I liked that I could sleep in on Sunday, keep my pjs on, and click on the computer to watch the service. Sometimes I did dishes at the same time.

But church is not meant to be a spectator sport.

In Eric E. Wright’s book, Church-No Spectator Sport, he writes about the need for Christians to discover and develop their spiritual gifts. These gifts are given by the Holy Spirit to build up, encourage, and comfort the Body of Christ.

Our gifts are meant to be used to glorify God and further His kingdom.

There are a number of gifts outlined in the Bible (1 Corinthians 12:8–10, Ephesians 4:7–13, Isaiah 11:2–3, and Romans 12:3–8.). I had taken some tests to identify my own gifts and Tyndale House offers an excellent article on gifts.

Now that we are allowed back into the church building and services are beginning to resume with the new normal, I am reminded that I need to get involved once again. As much as I enjoy being a spectator, it’s time for me to become a participant once again.

How about you?

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