Exercise should be renamed “Playtime”

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 playtimeExercise should be renamed “Playtime”

My friend, Mary, and I enjoyed a friendly visit. We took her dog for an hour long walk along an old rail bed. The autumn scenery was beautiful; the conversation deep. I especially enjoyed this walk and talk in comparison to our summer outings.

Over an 8-week period in the summer, both Mary and I were training for a 5-km trek up the side of a ski hill littered with obstacles. The event was called, Mudmoiselle, and it was organized to raise money for cancer research. The training was grueling. Mary and I practiced many days together running up hills. The burning calf muscles, glutes and thighs were par for the course; the sweating and burning lungs considered normal. Truthfully, if it weren’t for the companionship with my teammates, I would’ve dropped out. It just wasn’t fun.

What I consider fun is the walk and talk we enjoyed during our recent visit. And I believe that in order to maintain my health that is really all I need.

I think too many women don’t want to exercise because they envision it being the tortuous training like I endured for the Mudmoiselle race. But it doesn’t need to be! Getting out for a walk with a friend is good for the heart and lungs, good for stress and anxiety reduction, and good for self-esteem.

Exercise should be renamed “Playtime” and women should consider it something they want to do. (tweet this)

Exercise should be renamed “Playtime” and women should consider it something they want to do. Recognizing that to exercise means to move the body, to be active, to play instead of something to be endured and tolerated would do so much more good for women’s health.

What actions have you taken to enjoy exercising?

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