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Do you need a little push to get into a routine of making healthy choices? Discover this free program that can help you to make positive lifestyle changes and reach your goals.

Are you looking for motivation to eat right and exercise? Do you want to memorize scripture verses and grow deeper in your prayer life? Have you backslidden in your healthy habits? Kimberley Payne is a former personal trainer who is passionate to help others achieve spiritual and physical well being.

JumpStart is a daily, specific program covering ten days, long enough to create a routine to fit into your lifestyle. The program offers Scripture to meditate on, advice for healthy eating, simple exercises, and a prayer model to follow.

Kimberley provides motivation and encouragement to improve fitness and faith. Her goal is to share how Bible study and prayer are to the spirit what healthy eating and exercise are to the body.

In JumpStart you’ll discover:

  • Simple cardiovascular and strength training exercises
  • Healthy eating tips
  • An easy way to memorize Bible verses
  • A new way to model your prayers in a manner pleasing to God
  • Common sense plan to live a blessed, balanced week

JumpStart  is a great reminder of how to stay fit both physically and spiritually.

Join today! It’s FREE.


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