God Knows My Pain as a Parent

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God Knows My Pain as a Parent

Photo by Emma Frances Logan on Unsplash

He is the ultimate Good Father

I prided myself a good parent.

When I got pregnant with my first child, I gave up smoking and started walking. I took care of my body to take care of my baby. Her health and well-being became my priority.

I continued this philosophy with my second child.

I took parenting classes, read parenting books, and worked hard at being the best mother I could be.

I focused on their physical health, mental health, and spiritual health. Body, mind, and spirit took priority over all else.

I played board games with them, took them to swimming lessons, and baptized them in the church. I cooked healthy meals, read books with them, and took them for walks in the woods. I tickled their backs, prayed with them, and took them to the library.

I loved them. I liked them. I enjoyed spending time with them.

When my husband and I divorced, I took care to maintain their health and protect them from the negative impact such a change could have.

My life revolved around my children. Everything I did, I did with them in mind. For their good.

Whether they knew it or not.

Whether they liked it or not.

But as the years wore on, their minds became poisoned to believe lies. As they aged, they began to blame me. To hold contempt for me.

They no longer enjoyed spending time with me. They no longer liked me. They no longer loved me.

My mother’s heart grieved over the loss of my children.

As I looked around at my friend’s relationships with their children, I mourned the loss of my own.

I felt alone in my sorrow. I called out to God.

In His loving kindness, God told me that He knows my pain. God reminded me that He suffers the same loss. His own children have done the same to Him.

Everything He does, He does with them in mind. For their good.

Yet, His own children believe lies. They blame Him. They hold Him in contempt.

As the ultimate good Father, His own children have stopped spending time with Him. His own children have stopped liking Him. His own children have stopped loving Him.

God knows my pain. God comforts me. God gives me peace.

As I pray for my children to return to Him and to return to me, God reminds me that He is a good Father.

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