How Shoes Can Make All the Difference in Motivation

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Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

How Shoes Can Make All the Difference in Motivation

I work an 8 to 4 job that allows for two 15-minute breaks and an hour lunch. On these breaks, I like to walk around campus.

However, I found myself skipping my walks lately. I preferred to stay at my desk and work rather than go for a walk.

For those who know me, this is truly bizarre behaviour. I’m a walker. I love to walk. I hike in the fall, snow shoe in the winter, and walk trails in the summer and spring.

So to not be motivated to take a break and get away from my computer for a walk was indeed strange behaviour.

Then it dawned on me — my shoes!

The shoes that I wear at the office are uber comfy and pretty well match most of my outfits. But they are slippery.

On a carpeted service (my office) it matters not. But to go for a stroll around the halls of the college, I am slipping and sliding and not at all enjoying the walk.

The uncomfortableness of my walk — because of the bottoms of my shoes — caused me to stop walking altogether.

My fix?

Keep a different pair of comfy shoes with gripping soles in my office to quickly change into.

That fixed my indoor problem. But I also noticed that although I love nature and being outdoors, I also did not want to walk the outdoor paths around campus on those sunshiny days.

I once again looked to my feet — my boots!

The boots I wear to work are warm but half a size too big. I like them for plowing through snow and standing deep in snow to brush off my car at the end of a work day.

But for walking any distance they are uncomfortable.

My fix?

Keep a different pair of winter boots that better fit my feet in my office to quickly change into.

Voila! I am happy to report that I am once again taking advantage of walking the halls of the college on cold days and taking it outdoors on the trails on warmer days.

Are you lacking motivation? Look to your shoes!


(First featured on Medium platform February 12, 2020)

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