I Met a Girl Named Talia

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Photo by Yair Mejía on Unsplash

I guessed her age to be around 17.

She had dark brown, shoulder-length hair, and tattoos on both forearms. She seemed a bit standoffish. She may have been shy.

We exchanged pleasantries but not much more.

She was in my life for maybe 7 minutes.

Not like the 7 months you were in my life.

I wonder about what you would have been like at 17.

I close my eyes and wonder.

Would you have sunflower blond hair like your older sister?

Would you crop your hair short or wear it long in a braid?

Would you have been shy or outgoing? Withdrawn or spunky?

Would you ink your skin with body art?

Would you be attending college? Dating? Living on your own?

I could spend hours imagining what you’d be like at 17.

Or spend my time remembering you at 7 months.

I close my eyes and remember.

(First featured on Medium platform October 27, 2021)

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