I Miss You, But …

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I Miss You But...

Photo by Ahmad Odeh on Unsplash

Heaven is a better place

I don’t often watch the news on television. Instead, I receive the update for the day when my morning alarm goes off or while I’m on my drive to work. The 30-second update is usually enough for me.

However, I had been sitting down after work to watch the news while I ate my dinner (not a good habit to watch television while eating, I know). It was a habit I started when I wanted to keep abreast of the COVID statistics and the war in Ukraine.

But it was enough to give me indigestion. The world is ugly with wars, rumours of wars, weather catastrophes, mass shootings, etc.

It’s a world that makes me sad.

Mad even.

But dare I say it makes me glad?

No, not glad that the world is so awful but glad that my granddaughter does not have to experience it. When my grandbaby died, I wanted to die. The pain was like nothing I had ever experienced before. Overwhelming despair. The only glimmer of hope I held was knowing that we would meet again one day in heaven.

Although I missed her desperately, I was glad that she would never know of wars, weather catastrophes, or mass shootings. She would never know of struggles or suffering. She would never know of pain or fear, sadness or anger.

When I think of her in heaven, I smile.

Although she was only crawling here on earth, in my mind’s eye I see her dancing in heaven. I have a vision of her whirling around on tiptoes, free and full of joy. Jesus is with her. He’s smiling, enjoying her playful pirouettes.

I look forward to seeing her again in heaven. There will be no need for television there. Only dance shoes.

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