Is a Flat Stomach a Realistic Goal?

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Is a Flat Stomach a Realistic Goal?

Most women have a typical “pear” figure, while most men have the “apple” shape body type. I, however, was blessed with an apple figure – you know skinny legs with all weight gathering around my middle. I actually was teased because of my “stick legs” while my girlfriend, who had a pear figure, got taunts of “thunder thighs”. We couldn’t win.

But she does win when it comes to the healthier figure. The extra fat I carry around my midsection is harder on my heart than the weight on her legs.

On top of my shape, I am only 5’4” so the distance between my hip bone and rib cage is less than an inch – that’s not much room for all my organs. So for years I tried to attain a flat stomach. And as you can imagine I failed.

A perfectly flat midsection is simply not a realistic goal for many people (tweet this).

Even if you are very thin, your internal organs may give a slight roundness there. Other reasons that your stomach may not be as flat as you like include fluctuating hormones, water retention, and PMS. Abdominal bloating  caused by digestive problems is a problem for many. Constipation, gas, and food intolerance are all associated with bloat.

Abdominal exercises can tighten and strengthen your stomach, but they won’t reduce the layer of fat that is on top. When you lose weight, it happens all over the body. Spot reduction is a myth.

So don’t get hung up on having a flat stomach. It’s just not a realistic goal.


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