Is Fat Free a Healthy Option?

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Is Fat-Free a Healthy Option?


When I sat down to eat a few cookies I didn’t intend to eat ALL the cookies.

“No matter,” I thought. “They’re low fat.”

But that’s where they get you. Fat free does not mean calorie free. (tweet this)

I had assumed because they were low fat I could eat double the amount I would normally eat. But most food companies know that when they take out the fat they must replace it with something. And that something is usually sugar. So they load up the item with the sweet stuff to compensate for the lack of flavour from the loss of fat.

You may think you’re doing well in reducing your fat intake only to discover that you’re actually taking in more calories at each sitting.

Dried fruits are another culprit. Although they are low-fat snacks that are great source of energy and iron beware how many you munch on as they are high in calories.

If you want to lower your fat intake, choosing less processed or prepared foods will be your best bet.

When a food is naturally low fat, the manufacturers don’t need to boost flavour with adding calories.

So instead of eating an entire box of Snackwells, next time I’ll opt for one or two full fat cookies and a banana on the side.

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