Is No Gain Without Pain True?

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Is “No Gain Without Pain” True?

With a last name like Payne it seemed only natural for me to become a personal trainer – No Gain without Payne, right? Well, I think we know that although the slogan is popular it’s not right. Exercise is not supposed to hurt.

While a little soreness is normal after you start exercising, pain isn’t. (tweet this)

Like today, I can feel my inner thighs – they’re a little sore. That’s normal DOMS – delayed onset muscle soreness—from my lunges I did yesterday. But it’s only mild discomfort, not outright pain.

When we exercise, the muscle produces a force to stretch the fibres which causes tiny tears in them. The soreness comes from the body repairing these fibres and building the muscle.

However, if pain is sharp or happens suddenly during your workout, it could mean you’ve actually injured yourself. Any pain experienced, whether during cardiovascular activity, strength training or stretching, is your body’s way to warn you to stop what you’re doing.

For the normal soreness of a workout, it’s good to take a rest, soak your muscles in a warm tub of Epsom salts, use anti-inflammatory medication, have a massage, and stretch. Remember that muscle soreness can actually be encouraging as it gives you the signal that you are making forward strides in your health.

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