Is Swimming Good for Weight Loss?

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 Is Swimming Good for Weight Loss?

When I was 7 years old, my parents put in an inground pool. I grew up swimming and enjoyed many happy summers playing in the pool. But I never considered swimming good for weight loss. I always felt like eating a ton of food after I finished swimming.

However, I’ve since learned that because swimming requires every muscle in your body to work to keep you moving and staying afloat no other workout burns calories, boosts metabolism, and firms muscles in your body better than a swimming workout. (tweet this)

It’s also kind to your body. Water basically neutralizes gravity, so you become virtually weightless when immersed, providing no stress to your joints.

On top of that it’s been noted that a swimmer’s blood pressure, cholesterol levels, cardiovascular performance, and cognitive functioning are all comparable to someone far younger.

That said, I think it’s time for me to get back in the pool.

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6 thoughts on “Is Swimming Good for Weight Loss?

  1. I love to swim! And there is nothing I would love more than a pool in my backyard. As you know Kimberley, I have lymphedema and one of the best exercises for me is, in fact, swimming. The water gives a full massage to the legs that helps in draining the lymph fluid. One of my dreams (or wishes) is to have an accessible pool in my backyard so that I can strengthen my legs. Maybe one day!

    • Yes, even a small above ground pool can do the job. The only problem is that in Canada we only have a short weather window to use an outdoor pool. You may be better to join a club that has an indoor pool that you can use all year long.

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