My Best Memory of Attending Brownies

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From the Brownie’s website:

For girls ages 7 and 8
Brownie Units meet once a week, usually for an hour and a half

The hands-on Brownies program is all about encouraging girls to develop their own identity and positive relationships with others. Brownies gain confidence by learning skills that they can use in their daily lives and develop a commitment to their communities through service projects and special events. Programming covers everything from science and technology to the arts and eco-awareness and camping.

My parent’s enrolled me in Brownies when I was 7 years old. But I have limited memory of attending except a few snippets.

We met in the basement of a church.

I remember that I forgot to bring my quarter every week.

I remember that I forgot to bring a button and thread to learn to sew.

I remember that I forgot to bring a man’s shoe to learn to polish shoes.

Apparently, I was a very forgetful member.

But one thing I do remember over 45 years later is the closing song:

Oh Lord our God
Thy children call
Grant us thy peace
And bless us all.

It appears that sewing a button and polishing shoes was not something my young child’s mind cared about.

But the song…I still sing it today.

(First featured on Medium platform February 4, 2021)

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