Should Women Exercise Differently Than Men?

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Should Women Exercise Differently Than Men?

When I first took an interest in strength training, I was a teenager in high school. I asked my older brother what to do and he set me up on a program much like his own. I, in turn, shared this routine with a boyfriend and we would occasionally lift weights together in the school gym.

Years later, as a personal trainer I set up the same programs for both women and men. For the most part, women can perform the same workouts as men.

However, because the female body is built differently—for example, women have softer ligaments and tendons and a much wider pelvis—exercises such as squats and lunges may need to be modified to ensure proper form.

Other than that there aren’t many situations when women should train differently than men. (tweet this)

Obvious circumstances such as pregnancy would involve another discussion entirely. Aside from that, women should train like men with a program to build a powerful and beautiful body!

And remember, your choice of exercises depends on what you are training for, for life or for a particular sport. Everyone, regardless of gender should include a balance of cardio, strength, and flexibility exercises.

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