Surviving the Pass Out Challenge

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A teenager’s prayer is answered

The first time I participated in the pass-out challenge, my friend slid down the wall sideways and smacked her head against the vacuum cleaner.

That should’ve been enough to stop me from ever participating in the “game” again. But like most teenagers, I didn’t give credence to the consequences of such a dangerous challenge.

We didn’t realize that we were depriving our brains of oxygen, similar to when someone is drowning or choking. We didn’t think about the real possibility of brain damage. Or even death. It was just a parlour game. Something “cool”.

At one house party, I invited my friend, Laurie, to try it. I gave her the directions and offered to push on her chest. We’d been drinking, and she took the challenge.

Laurie dropped like a rock. We all laughed.

But then she didn’t get up immediately. I tried to remain calm, coaxing her to get up. Then begging her. After what seemed like an eternity, she opened her eyes and slowly sat up.

Years later, I cringe at the memory. I remember my racing heart, my dry mouth, my chills. I remember my panic while watching my friend lying still on the floor, worrying that she may never wake up. I remember my fervent prayer begging God to bring her back to consciousness.

As a Christian, I learned that we have an enemy. Satan wants nothing more than to destroy us. (1 Peter 5:8). He hates God and hates everything God created. He wants us dead.

What better way to do that than to whisper in our ears that what we are doing is not dangerous but fun? What glee he must feel when a teenager takes it too far and causes real damage. Or death.

I thank God that He had mercy on us and answered my prayer for my friend’s life.

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