The Joy of Five Senses

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Spring by George Hodan

Spring by George Hodan

The Joy of Five Senses

It’s a perfect spring day. It’s early in the morning and the kids are still sleeping. I’m sitting on the front porch, in the shade of the porch beam to avoid the direct sun. It’s hot already.

In the distance, I hear the rustling of leaves from a row of poplars. I hear the hurried tweets of a bird, but I cannot find where he sits. I hear the distant hum and drone of passing cars on the highway. I imagine they are headed out on family vacations, instead of the more realistic idea of just driving to work.

I feel the heat from the sun’s rays on my right arm. If I stay in this same position, my whole body will soon be exposed to the sun as it travels across the sky. I feel the tickle of a fly on my knee, but only long enough for me to be amazed by his fluorescent blue-green body. I feel a slight breeze offering fleeting relief from the penetrating heat.

I see a majestic maple tree standing alone on the vacant lot across from me. I imagine the stories it could tell of the neighbourhood and its people over the years. Today, it is full of green leaves yet it is equally as delightful in the other three seasons. I view a lone robin in search of its morning breakfast. Hop-hop-hop-stop. Hop-hop-hop-stop. So far, no luck. I see purple, red, orange and yellow flowers in my garden. The fruit of my labour last autumn.

I smell the sweet fragrance from these same flowers. A waft of pungent chlorinated waters is lifted on the wind from the backyard pool. I imagine swimming alone in the quietness of the morning, but more likely I will be splashing around with my children after lunch.

I taste the bitterness of my black coffee. I imagine adding French vanilla coffee cream to it, knowing full well that I had finished the bottle only yesterday.

God gave me these senses to fully enjoy His world. How often do I actually take the time to deeply experience my day and engage my senses – paying rich attention to all around me? Too often I am thinking about what I must do today and worrying about tomorrow.

A bead of sweat trickles down the centre of my back. Maybe I will take that morning swim.

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself (Matthew 6:34 NIV).


How often do I actually take the time to deeply experience my day and engage my senses?

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