How to Get Your Child to Talk About His Day

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How to Get Your Child to Talk About His Day

Call outs

Call outs by Marina Shemesh

When my children were young, I would ask them about school and their day. But they always answered with one-word sentences like, “Okay”. I’d ask what they learned and they’d respond, “Nothing”. 

I asked the Special Education Teacher at my children’s school what to do. She suggested that instead of asking my child, “How was day?” and getting the usual response, “Fine” or “Good”, ask my child to tell me 3 things about their day. 

So that night at the dinner table I did as she suggested. We opened with prayer and then I asked my daughter to tell me one thing about her day. She answered with a story! I then asked my son to tell me one thing about his day. He answered with more than one word. We went back and forth between the children with the same question and talked as a family together like we hadn’t in years.


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