What I Learned About Giving Up Control While Snowmobiling

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Photo by Michellerey17 on Pixabay

It boils down to trusting the driver

A few years ago, my hubby and I traded in my snowmobile and his snowmobile for a new more comfortable touring sled that has a 2-up seat. A 2-up seat allows for two people to ride in comfort.

This decision was not made lightly.

Since I started snowmobiling in 1997, I had driven my own sled. I prided myself on being able to keep up with the guys on the trails. I loved to push the limits of speed along the lakes.

I loved the control I had in driving.

I didn’t want to be a passenger. I thought the passengers on the back of sleds looked passive. Weak. Submissive.

But my attitude started to change when we started to ride with other couples who had 2-up seats.

Those passengers were far from weak. They were people I knew. Liked. Admired.

We bought the new snowmobile but held off on selling mine until the next season. I wanted to make sure that I would be okay riding on the back of the sled before I fully committed to one machine.

Much to my delight, I loved it!

The ride was comfortable and relaxing. I could look around and enjoy the scenery. I didn’t stress about trail conditions or poor weather. I completely trusted the driver, my hubby.

I gave up control and am happier for it.

This reminded me of my walk with Christ.

For years I did not want to give up control. I would hold on to my stress and anxiety, worrying about everything. I would lift a prayer to God only to take it back again and work to resolve the problem.

It boiled down to trust. Did I trust God enough to take care of me? Did I trust Him to have my best interests in mind?

What I learned from experience is that God is trustworthy. I can give Him control and find peace.

Just like snowmobiling, I can take the backseat and enjoy the ride.

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