30-Day Fitness Health Challenge: Week 1

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My home gym where I strength train 3 times a week

My home gym where I strength train 3 times a week

30-Day Fitness Health Challenge

Week 1 in summary

I lost  half a pound.

Now that may not seem like much but truthfully it’s good for me. It’s extremely hard for me to lose weight and I’m genuinely happy to see the scale move at all.

My BEEP Plan

B – Bible Study: I’m participating with my church to read the book of Acts in the month of May. We read one chapter a day. I read every morning as I eat my breakfast and wait for my computer to boot. I read the Life Application Study Bible and love the added insight of the study notes. We’ve got a Facebook group page where church members post thoughts and questions about the chapter of the day.

E – Eating Healthy: I admit that although I haven’t eaten outside my boundaries (Breakfast, Lunch, Supper and a snack) and I’ve chosen healthy foods, I also haven’t reduced my portion sizes. So this week, I plan to cut back a little more at each meal and my snacks.

E – Exercise: I usually don’t have trouble with exercise as I really do love my walks. However, I know that I haven’t pushed myself and so now I’m committed to “up” my game and add interval training to my walks. That is, I will jog for short bursts throughout my walk to get my heart rate up.

P – Prayer: On Sunday night, I participated in a prayer meeting with 12 other church members. We prayed for the power of the Holy Spirit. The opportunity to pray without persecution with a group in a church setting is awesome. I look forward to witnessing the fruit of that prayer session.

Bonus: I went to the doctor’s four-weeks ago and my blood pressure was 156/99. Yikes! My doctor was especially concerned with the lower number and booked me in for blood work and a follow-up appointment this week. I’m excited to report that I’ve taken my blood pressure at home and it has gradually decreased every single day. I’m now at a comfortable 133/75. I believe it’s because of my health changes and prayer.

You can read my daily posts on my Facebook page. I’d love for you to join me in this journey!

How was your first week of the challenge?


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