6 Reasons It Isn’t Selfish to Focus on Your Own Fitness Journey

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photo courtesy of pixaby.com

photo courtesy of pixaby.com


Last week we touched on how to give the gift of fitness this Christmas. Today we’re going to take a look at a related topic.

Six reasons it isn’t selfish to focus on your own fitness journey:

1. When you make healthy choices, chances are you’ll rest better, think more clearly, work more efficiently, and enjoy life more. All of these factors will not only benefit you but also the people around you.

2. When you exercise and eat well, you will likely have more ambition and enthusiasm to do those things your friends and family enjoy. (Be careful to be patient with them if they do not want to participate in physical activities.)

3. As you try a variety of healthy foods, your family will be exposed to them—and maybe even learn to like them.

4. Although it isn’t a guarantee that you’ll never get sick, exercise and healthy eating do help fend off everything from the common cold to much more serious illnesses.

5. As you get healthy, you will set a good example for your family and friends.
But remember …

6. You can’t actually make someone else want to get healthy. For now, it may be something you do primarily for yourself. And that’s okay.

Tending to your health is a gift you give others as well as yourself. (tweet this)


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