Are Sauna Suits, Plastic Wraps or Rubber Jumpsuits Good for Weight Loss?

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Are Sauna Suits, Plastic Wraps or Rubber Jumpsuits Good for Weight Loss?

Sauna suits, plastic wraps, rubber jumpsuits oh my! These are 3 things that make me want to cry.

Outrageous, outlandish, and potentially dangerous–stay away from them. These suits are usually made of a material like nylon, plastic or rubberized vinyl that holds in body heat, causing sweating. The perspiring leads to dehydration and a temporary body-water weight loss.

Overheating is not only useless for permanent weight loss but also dangerous. (tweet this)

Because of losing too much water too quickly, a person may experience symptoms related to heat stroke. Potential health risks include dehydration, weakness, dizziness, fainting and muscle cramps. Extended use of sauna suits for the purposes of quick weight loss can lead to serious health emergencies including organ failure due to extreme loss of electrolytes and even death related to heat stroke.

There is no evidence that suggests that wearing a sauna suit will increase the rate at which the body metabolizes body fat or that exercisers can expect long term benefits from continued use.

And if you’ve ever watch the National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation you’ll catch a glimpse of Clark Griswold’s neighbours coming in from a workout wearing silver suits. It’s not only dangerous but it’s hideously ugly.

There is simply no short cut to weight loss.

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