How Do I Buy the Right Shoes?

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How Do I Buy the Right Shoes?

My shoe size used to be a 7. Now it’s an 8. I blame my children. I believe that my kids caused my hips to widen, my height to shorten, and my feet to grow. Don’t ask me how– it’s just what I believe.

And I believe that my feet swell over the course of a day. This is, in fact, a proven phenomenon. So although conventional wisdom claims that the early bird gets the worm, it’s actually not a good idea to buy shoes early in the day. You’ll get a more comfortable fit if you buy shoes when your feet are at their largest. You’re better off to go late in the day because your feet naturally swell as the day progresses.

And when you go to buy shoes go prepared. If you have special shoe inserts or orthotics, bring them along. If you’re buying tennis shoes, don’t try them on sockless or with dress socks. Wear socks exactly like those you’d wear during the particular sport you’re playing.

Which brings me to my second point.  Buy the right shoe to match the sport. I once bought running shoes and then wore them to an aerobics class. Keeping in mind that I’m not very coordinated to start the shoes really didn’t help. They were designed for forward movement, not the side-to-side support that I needed for the class. Needless to say I had to dish out more money for a new pair of shoes that provided the cushioning and support.

Lastly, keep in mind that if the shoe doesn’t feel right, don’t buy it. (tweet this)

A shoe that doesn’t fit right in the store won’t fit right down the road.

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