Can You Still Exercise After an Injury?

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Can You Still Exercise After an Injury?

Do you remember years ago the American gymnast who performed the vault in the 1996 Olympics despite having injured her ankle and she had to be carried to the podium by her coach?

Amazing, commendable, spectacular. But not recommended.

If you hurt yourself it’s best to not continue working out. Well actually you can still workout after an injury if you modify your workout to exercise around the injury. (tweet this)

For example, if you hurt your ankle or knee it wouldn’t be a good idea to jog on it, but you may still be able to do other light exercises in a pool, or try a hand-bike, or even a stationary bike.  If you are weight training, you may be able to train using lighter weights and higher repetitions.

And whether it’s a cardiovascular workout or a strength training workout make sure that you are warming up your muscles and stretching properly.

Also, don’t forget nutrition. You can accelerate the healing process by getting adequate nutrition. Eat foods that are high in omega-3 fatty acids like flaxseed and fish, and anti-oxidants like grapes and blueberries. Whatever you do, don’t give up completely. Do what you can to help recover faster and stay on the road to health.

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