Easy Vegan Healthy Eating Recipes on the Go! Salsa and Tahini by Deb Powell

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Easy Vegan Healthy Eating Recipes on the Go! Salsa and Tahini by Deb Powell

What do vegans eat?

Vegans get asked this all the time, and I used to get frustrated and say:

“I eat potatoes, carrots, peas, beans, broccoli, cauliflower, salads, peanut butter, grapes, apples, bananas, nuts, seeds, and lots more…what do you eat?”

Then I watch closely at the looks on their faces…it’s hilarious.

Sometimes I answer this way:

“It will be easier to tell you what I don’t eat…I don’t eat animal foods. But I eat pretty well everything else just like you.”

People think vegans eat weird foods like we’re from some other planet or something.

Well, we don’t! We just get creative and have fun!

You’ve likely been asked where you get your protein and calcium from. Which you can reply: from most of the foods I just mentioned.

Then they ask if you eat cheese, eggs or honey, and you will just politely say: They are all animal foods, so no.

Don’t let family or friends scare you by saying you won’t get enough protein without meat platters, turkey legs or cheesecake this holiday season. You will.

Remember, no one got sick during hundreds of years eating God’s original diet.

I’ve discovered yet another light, quick, one dish meal or snack while experimenting with tahini, again.

Salsa and Tahini!

I wanted some protein with my salsa, but I didn’t feel like eating beans or humus so I added tahini and it was delicious, nutritious, and filling! It doesn’t get much easier than this.

Salsa Supreme

1 cup salsa
4 tsps tahini
Stir and eat with corn chips for dipping.

Many people will try to get you into a ‘meat’ conversation that seems like a waste of time, but please be patient, people need educated.

Remember in Luke 21:15 Jesus said:

For I will give you words and wisdom that none of your adversaries will be able to resist or contradict.

Thank you Lord for giving us your wisdom and knowledge.

So…until next time…

Tip # 16: Share your food, they may just like it!


What do vegans eat? (Tweet this)

Easy Vegan Healthy Eating on the Go! by Deb Powell

Deb photo bio

My 15 year food journey has caused my taste buds to come alive and to anticipate new foods. I have lost weight, corrected health issues, and I’ve learned how important diet really is. Reading everything I could get my hands on truly opened my eyes to the evils of the food industry and how it is making us overweight and sick. I am in my 50’s and I am healthy, I take no medication, and I look more than 10 years younger than I am (so everyone says). The healthier we are now, the healthier we’ll be in our later years.

I came to be vegan one step at a time by gradually eliminating foods. Starting with; sea food, then meat, foul and fish, then eggs and dairy, all the while cutting out most processed foods, and totally eliminating pop. Then I went mostly raw, learned about juicing and smoothies, cut out most sugars, and I am now gluten free.

What’s left you ask? Mmmm….. I saved the best for last: lots and lots of vegetables with sides of legumes and grains, nuts and seeds, and fruit. I never go hungry.
There are many people living healthy vegan lifestyles today and they have created ways of making healthy alternatives for just about any food you could want.

Have fun!


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