Exercises for Healthier Knees

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Keep knees healthy

Exercises for Healthier Knees by Mathew Foster

As we get older, our joints and bones tend to weaken. So in order to keep them strong, it is important to know what types of exercises to engage in. One of the problem areas that most commonly suffer with age is our knees. The good news is that there are many simple exercises for healthier knees that can help to keep knee problems at bay.

When you suffer from knee problems, it can impact your life in a range of ways. While minor knee issues may simply cause discomfort, as they get more serious they can lead to debilitating issues and a lot of pain. Therefore to ensure your knees stay healthy for as long as possible, try exercising using some of the methods below:

1) Walking: It may sound simple and basic, but walking can work wonders when it comes to the health of your knees. Not only does it put minimal strain on the knees, but it also helps to keep you fit. This in turn means that you are able to keep off the excess pounds that could otherwise lead to increased strain on your knees.

2) Leg lifts: Leg lifts are very easy to do, yet by doing them you can add strength to the muscles around the knees and therefore strengthen them. Leg lifts can also help to reduce stress on the knees and keep them healthier for longer. All you have to do is lie on the floor with your legs stretched out in front of you. Lift one leg straight up off the floor and then lower it back down. Repeat this ten times and then switch legs. And perform this exercise with each leg around three times.

3) Wall sit: This is another exercise that can help to strengthen the muscles around the knees in order to keep them healthy. It is also a very simple exercise. Simply lean your back against the wall, stand with your legs slightly apart and then slide down the wall until you are squatting as if you were sitting on a chair. Hold the position for around thirty seconds before easing yourself back up. Repeat this 5 to 10 times.

4) Stepping: The great thing with this is that you can use actual steps, so you don’t need any special equipment to perform this exercise. Simply stepping on and off the step as you would in a step exercise class helps to loosen up stiffness in the knees. And, since this is often a common knee problem as you get older, stepping might do you wonders. Repeat the stepping action for as long as you wish to or until you feel that your knees have become less stiff.

5) Hamstring curls: To keep those knee joints supple, hamstring curls are a great exercise for that. Stand up straight and bend one of your legs behind you in a 90 degree angle, Then lower the leg back down. You can hold on to the back of a chair, a wall, or use any other support, for added stability. Repeat this 20 times with one leg before switching to the other one.

No matter what your age people including amateur sport enthusiasts and “pro volleyball players need to keep their knees healthy”. And with these simple exercises, you can do that, because these exercises help to maintain your knee health for longer as you get older. Here’s to stronger knees and healthier joints!

There are many simple exercises for healthier knees that can help to keep knee problems at bay. (tweet this)

Before changing your activity level, exercise routine, and/or eating habits, consult your health care professional. What is safe and beneficial for one person can be harmful for another. Note that you implement the following information at your own risk.

Mathew Foster is sports enthusiast and the owner of KneeSafe.com, a blog about all things knee health and protection.

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