Have You Ever Experienced Maritime Hospitality?

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Have You Ever Experienced Maritime Hospitality?

Photo by John McArthur on Unsplash

Years ago, I travelled with another couple from Ontario to the East Coast of Canada. We camped along the way, enjoying beautiful campsites in all provinces.

New Brunswick hosts stunning forests and Prince Edward Island is quaint, but Nova Scotia captured my heart.

The towering lighthouses, coastal sea cliffs with endless shorelines, and picturesque fishing villages all made it the perfect place to visit.

But more than that, it’s the people that I loved. They are the friendliest people in Canada. And Canada is ranked as the third kindest country in the world.

After driving along the Cabot Trail, my friend wanted to visit a distant relative. With no cell phones, no GPS, and only a handwritten address, we found ourselves lost in the dark.

We stopped at a little store to ask for directions. Imagine our surprise to find out that the owner knew his relative. And then offered to drive us to his place! He closed his shop, hopped in his truck, and led us along winding back roads to our destination.

Now that’s hospitality.

Fast forward 30 years. My brother and his family moved to my favourite Atlantic province.

I jumped at the opportunity to drive my parents to visit them. Once there, my brother delighted us with a tour of Yarmouth and the surrounding area. On our way to Cape Forchu Lighthouse, we stopped for a photo shoot.

I tried to take a selfie that included all of us, but my arms weren’t quite long enough. A passing woman noticed my struggles and offered to take some photos for us.

She took a variety of shots to ensure that we’d like one of them. As she was finishing up, a man in a car stopped on the road, rolled down his window, and offered to take a picture with all of us in it.

We laughed as we explained that the kind woman had done just that.

Two complete strangers offered to stop doing what they were doing to help us out.

Now that’s hospitality.

Nova Scotia is known for its kindness. Canada is known for its politeness.

As a Christian, it made me wonder what I am known for.

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