How exercise is to the body what prayer is to the spirit

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How exercise is to the body what prayer is to the spirit by Rusty Nokes

Here’s something that is true for me.

When I train I am in tune with my body.

Whether I am training hard or easy, heavy or light, or anything in between, I feel and am conscious of my muscles at work. The harder I work and press in the more aware and in tune I become because of the intense focus I am giving.

When I slack off in my training I become less aware of my body as far as how in tune with it I feel. I become more aware of my physical appearance as the slacking starts to show and clothes start to fit different.

When I begin training again things don’t feel as natural as they did. The longer the dry spell, the more awkward things feels when I begin again. Whether I stick with it or not determines how things progress with the comfortableness.

If I stick with it, it’s not long before everything feels natural again and I begin to feel and become in tune with my body again. Then because of how that makes me feel it makes me want to continue training and the end result of all that is that I begin to like the way I look and feel again.

When I look at prayer through the same lens as the scenario above I see a remarkable similarity.

For me, when I pray I begin to feel in tune with my spirit and my spirit begins to become more in tune with God’s Holy Spirit.

I don’t know if that sounds weird to you or not but I tell you the truth that it is true for me. Not in a new age way or anything “hyper spiritual.” Just a genuine in touch kind of feeling like the tangible one I get when I train physically.

When I’m talking with God and listening for Him I feel so in touch.

Even when the shrimp is hitting the fan all around me I’m strong spiritually and I can fade the heat. I know when I start slacking off and not honoring my commitment to God and myself to train spiritually (of which prayer is a must exercise) I begin to feel more and more out of touch with those particular spiritual muscles and I certainly start showing the results of a lack of prayer and spiritual training when I look at my spiritual mirror.

At some point I have to get to a place where I’m disgusted and whatever it takes to admit that I have let things go for way too long. I have to admit my fault and repent (do a 180 degree turn). As awkward as it may feel. As humble as I may have to get to take that first step or ask for help.

As much as it is going to hurt in the beginning (again), I must start. I must start and keep with it, building up slowly and challenging myself as I press in and drill down and get stronger.  As I do I will become more aware, more in touch and in tune.

As I close I hope that last paragraph struck a chord with someone. For some, you will relate through a physical lens. Others through a spiritual lens. Maybe some will see the correlation as it applies to both spiritual and physical fitness. Particularly as it relates to the title of this blog:  How exercise is to the body what prayer is to the spirit.

I know this to be true for me.

When I eat a healthy spiritual and physical diet; when I exercise spiritually and physically; and when I do them both consistently I become stronger and more fit both spiritually and physically. (tweet this)

My encouragement to you is to approach the uncomfortableness of starting and just start.

Start slow but start.

Through the challenge of the uncomfortable start you will gain strength. Through your persistence you will grow and develop a core strength that will be with you forever.



About Rusty Nokes

With over 20 years in the fitness industry and walking with Christ I know this…  Both take a tremendous amount of work and dedication. Living a Christian lifestyle, that naturally calls for good stewardship of all our blessings including our bodies, is the most difficult thing I have ever experienced. At any given moment I find myself in a storm, coming out of one, or headed into one. It’s called life and sometimes those storms are spiritual in nature and other times they are physical. This life God has given us is great but this world we live in with Satan running loose trying to beat us to our knees is real too. I am blessed to have been inspired to write Christ Fit Fusion-The Fusion Of Spiritual And Physical Fitness. In God’s wisdom I was writing as much to myself as to anyone. If you have ever been in one of life’s storms you know how important it is to be able to weather that storm.  When we are Christ Fit we will weather the storms of life much better and we will perform  better when the sun is shinning on us. Christ Fit Fusion is written as a 31 day journal with a simple, clear message and instructions on how to put all the elements together to become stronger and healthier both spiritually and physically for the full contact sport of life.

You can get a copy of Christ Fit Fusion – The Fusion Of Spiritual And Physical Fitness through our website,  or through our Facebook page.   As you work through it, feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or comments.


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