How My E-Bike Reminded Me of a Spiritual Truth

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How My E-Bike Reminded Me of a Spiritual Truth

Photo by KBO Bike on Unsplash

Only two years ago, I struggled with the many hills in our neighbourhood and didn’t take as much delight in biking. I also rode alone as my hubby experienced knee pain on his old bike.

But now we are regular cyclists.

Although my hubby likes to ride at 25–30 kilometres per hour (15–18 miles), I like to keep a steady 20 km (12 mph). On my model of e-bike, I keep the level at 3. This means that if my km drop under 20, the electric assist kicks in. If I want to ride faster than 20 km, I must use my own leg power.

The other night when we were halfway through our bike ride, I noticed that my leg muscles burned more than normal. I looked down at my display to see that my speed registered at 20.5 km.

When I backed off on pedalling and let the speed drop to 19.5, the electric assist kicked in to bring the speed back up to 20 km. I realized that when I didn’t pedal as hard, the ride became easier because the bike did some of the work.

Biking leads to a spiritual truth

This reminded me of a spiritual truth I learned years ago. When I tried to do something with my own strength (to forgive someone, to not gossip etc.) it became a struggle.

But when I invited the Holy Spirit in, He helped and guided me to make it easier.

When I prayed before an event, a chore, or even a writing project, it empowered me. Instead of working hard in my own strength, I relied on God to assist me. He blessed me and helped me to accomplish what needed to be done.

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