How My Neighbors Stepped Up During the Coronavirus Crisis

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Photo by Mariana Yarritu on Unsplash

How My Neighbors Stepped up During the Coronavirus Crisis

Why I love my neighborhood so much

In 2016, we discovered that my daughter was expecting her first child. The young couple could not afford their own home and even finding a decent place to rent in the housing crisis was a pipe dream.

So hubby and I decided to look for a home that offered an in-law suite for the new little family to live.

After months of searching, we found a beautiful home in a quaint neighborhood surrounded by rocks, trees, and lakes just 45-minutes from town. It had it all.

But what we didn’t realize was the best thing about our new home was not the house itself but rather the community surrounding us.

We moved to Phillips Court in November 2016. The day we moved in, our neighbor, Marybeth, brought over a full meal of lasagna, caesar salad, and garlic bread including drinks, plates, and cutlery.

Not long after that, I was invited to a girls’ night across the street. There I met other women from the neighborhood and learned of the moniker, “Queens of the Court”.

Since then, we have enjoyed barbeques, birthday parties, Christmas gift exchanges, walks, and drinks-on-the-patio events.

But it hasn’t all been fun and games.

The Queens have had some really hard things happen and we have all pulled together.

Queen Susan was diagnosed with cancer. She paints beautiful t-shirts
and cards to keep her spirits up and many Queens supported her at her first craft show. Other Queens spent hours tending to her gardens. Queen Mary Elleen is a PSW who goes to care for her when she needs it.

Queen Allison became pregnant and had to stay in the hospital for weeks before Princess Ayla was born. The Queens brought her Dairy Queen ice-cream to her room.

My daughter, Queen Kristen, mother of my granddaughter, (now 3-year-old Princess Sophia) discovered she was pregnant again in 2019 and the Queens held a baby shower for her in April. In November, when the baby died (Princess Talia) the Queens all went to her funeral and the Queens grieved together.

During this time, Queen Jenni was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had had a hard year already with having lost her job. Queen Susan painted her a shirt that said, “Cancer Got My Cans But My Queens Have My Back”. We all signed it and she wears it to chemo. Queen Mary Elleen started a fundraiser that raised more than expected to provide some relief and encouragement.

The sense of community here is truly awesome.

More recently, with the coronavirus crisis, most of us have needed to self-isolate. Queen Debbie made banana bread and delivered it to our porches. Gifts of supplies have been shared. Offers to shop for those who cannot get out have been extended.

We have a Facebook Messenger group where we can stay connected and provide encouraging words. No one feels alone.

In these unprecedented times, it’s good to reach out to our neighbors and make connections that may last a lifetime.

I know I feel truly blessed to be part of a neighborhood that cares for each other in the good times and the bad. I thank God that He brought my family to Queens Court.


(First featured on Medium March 23, 2020)

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