Sick of Sugar

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 sick of sugar

Sick of Sugar

With this past sickness that has lasted about two weeks, I’ve gained a pound an a half. I blame it on the medicines; NeoCitran Cold & Flu Night time, Halls Mentho-lyptus cough tables, Benylin® Cough syrup. I’d given up sugar months ago and was actually having no problem walking by baked goods and candies on display at work. But when I started to get the niggling tickle in my throat I started to suck on a lozenge to soothe the irritation.

It didn’t occur to me until a week later that my cravings for sweets and all things sugary was because I was introducing little amounts of sugar back into my system through these cough drops. On top of that, I drank a hot mug of NeoCitran before bedtime to suppress my night time coughing attacks. It too was loaded with sugar.

Add the fact that I get a little cranky and pouty when I’m not feeling well and just want to soothe my self-pity with something sweet and we’ve got ourselves a nasty trifactor. No wonder I had the most difficulty avoiding sweets since I gave up sugar.

Sugar makes you crave sugar. (tweet this)

Sugar makes you crave sugar. To get it out of my system, I’ve got to go cold turkey again. I’ll also have to investigate healthy substitutes to soothe my scratchy throat should another cold strike me this season.

What do you do to avoid sugar-filled medicines when you’re ill?


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