What is Prayer Walking? by Janis Cox

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What is Prayer Walking?

by Janis Cox

Years ago when we moved to our village I joined a prayer walk around our little town. The experience opened my eyes to see my town in a different light. The prayer partner that I walked with knew some of the people in town and knew their needs. We prayed for each home, each business and those whom we met in the park.

What is prayer walking?

It is exactly that – praying while walking. But don’t shut your eyes!

After my first experience with that partner I have continued to pray in my walks around my neighbourhood. Each home will get a special prayer as I now know most of my neighbours.

After reading Stephanie Nickels post, How to Rediscover Prayer Walking, I realize I haven’t done my prayer walking recently and it is maybe the Holy Spirit that has brought it to my attention for this reason.

When we started a Pregnancy Centre in town my girlfriend and I walked around the High School praying for protection and for God to help us in our work, which focuses on the unborn child.

When I lead Bible studies I do pray for each member of the group. I have prayed a walk through my mind of where they live in town. It puts the person in the town in my mind and let’s me remember where they live. If don’t know where a few of the people in my new groups live, when I start each session that will be something to ask them. I like to place people where they live and pray for them and for that area.

Have you ever gone on a prayer walk?


Help me to remember to pray for my neighbours, for my town and for the businesses. Remind me when I walk by myself that I can prayer walk. In Jesus’ name. AMEN.


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3 thoughts on “What is Prayer Walking? by Janis Cox

    • Thanks Joanne,
      After reading The Circle Maker – I see the importance of putting things into proper perspective. Sometimes that is physically walking around the problem; sometimes it is putting it in a circle and walking around it in your mind.

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