12 Fitness Tips While on the Road

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by Stephanie Nickel

Last week I attended the Write Canada conference. (Yay!) It isn’t always easy to keep active when you’re away from home. However, it can be done.

Here are a dozen suggestions:

1. If you’re driving for more than two hours, it’s good to get out of the car, walk around and stretch a bit.

2. Get up early and go for a walk. It does help if the grounds are lovely. I love to take my camera and snap away. (Remember to pack a good pair of walking shoes. Those stilettoes just don’t qualify.)

3. Find a walking buddy. You’ll have a companion and you’ll encourage someone else to get moving.

4. Chat about the benefits of fitness with your walking buddy and/or someone else. It serves as a good reminder to us why we should keep on keeping on. (Remember not to put anyone down for their lack of motivation or their choices. We should seek to be true encourager, not someone who condemns and discourages others. We can do this by sharing our personal story not “preaching.”)

5. Pack a resistance band and add a few exercises after your walk.

6. Make sure you take time for stretch breaks. It can be tricky when you’re in a business meeting or a lengthy session, but it’s important not to sit too long.

7. And don’t forget to exercise your eyes. Remember every 20 minutes focus on something at least 20 feet away for 20 seconds.

8. If you’re in a facility with a pool and/or a weight room, take some time to make use of them. Even a short workout or a leisurely swim has many benefits.

9. I’m sure you guess this one: Take the stairs instead of the elevator whenever possible.

10. Remember to keep your water intake up. It’s easier to grab the coffee, tea, juice, and pop when it’s readily available.

11. You can cut your calories significantly at a buffet by only having one plateful. (No, that doesn’t mean piling it as high as humanly possible.)

12. Choose the fresh fruit option for dessert rather than the sweets – at least after one meal each day. If it’s not an option, you can likely take your own.

What other suggestions do you have for staying active while vacationing or attending a conference?

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Steph Beth Nickel is an author, a freelance editor and writer, a labour doula, and a former personal trainer.

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