5 Wild and Crazy Activities to Try

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by Stephanie Nickel

Friends of ours have been married one hour longer than me and my hubby. For the last three years, we have celebrated together (aka gone out to dinner). This year when I asked Kathy what we should do, she said,

“Something wild and crazy.”


It sounded great to me. Dave was up for it as well. (He figures we can no longer die young.) However, Kathy’s sweetheart was not as eager. Food is his Wild and Crazy, apparently.

But it got me thinking . . . first, about zip lining and then about a hot air balloon ride.

Since the hot air balloon ride is quite expensive and not physically active, I revisited my first idea. (I also considered repelling down a waterfall like another of my friends did a few years back, but we don’t have a lot of waterfalls nearby.)

So, in September, my husband and I are spending a day at the Horseshoe Resort north of Barrie. Will we be zip-lining? That’s the plan. (You can get up to 45 KPH apparently.)

And here are some of the other activities we hope to participate in . . .

  • An inflatable obstacle course (a lot of fun according to my son’s girlfriend—and she trains with a professional MMA fighter; this could be scary but not likely)
  • Wall climbing (I want shoes that will work well, but I’m not paying over $100 to climb one wall one time.)
  • Euro bungee (I may be a wuss and simply bounce up and down on the trampoline; I’m not sure my inner ear issues would appreciate the front and back flips, but who knows?)
  • Archery (I haven’t used a bow and arrow in ages.)

There are several other activities there as well. We’ll have to see what these old bodies can handle.

Kathy’s husband, Don, expects pictures from our hospital beds. Let’s hope not.

(All joking aside, we intend to avail ourselves of every safety feature and pay close attention to instructions.)

And if you’re wondering just what we’re doing for our anniversary . . . we’re going to a local international foods restaurant. Maybe we can get Don to try poached pear and blue cheese salad or Thai curry shrimp bisque—or maybe not.

Physical activity can be wild and crazy—and fun. (Tweet this.)

What is the wildest and craziest form of exercise you’ve participated in?

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Steph Beth Nickel is an author, a freelance editor and writer, a labour doula, and a former personal trainer.

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