8 Suggestions to Stay Active Despite the Weather

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Photo courtesy of pixaby.com

Photo courtesy of pixaby.com

Winter’s on it’s way

by Stephanie Nickel

As the weather gets colder, I want to stay snuggled under the covers and drink hot chocolate and cider. And my walks with Mr. Puppy get increasingly shorter.

You guessed it. I’m not a lover of the cold. If you’re like me, the following suggestions as to how to stay active despite the weather may help.

1. Develop an exercise schedule.

Most of us keep lists of what we want to accomplish each day—on our phones or computers or in a day planner. Adding exercise to the list can inspire us not to put it off.

2. Dress in layers and go for a walk.

When you first step outside, the cooler air may make you shiver. However, as you keep up a brisk pace, you will likely find yourself warming up. Oddly enough, getting too warm can be almost as unpleasant as being too cold. Layers are the perfect solution.

3. Connect with a walking/workout buddy.

If you don’t already have a workout buddy, this is a great time of year to find one. The tendency to snuggle up under a blanket hot chocolate in hand is very common. Sometimes we need to know someone else is counting on us to keep us motivated.

4. Take up a new physical activity you’ve been wanting to try.

Why wait until January to make a resolution? Any day can be a good one to try a new fitness class, load the mp3 player and head out for a run, or pop in that exercise DVD that until today was still wrapped in plastic.

5. Consider purchasing a gym membership.

Maybe it’s time to renew that membership or sign up for the first time. Most, if not all, gyms offer a tour of their facilities. Some even offer free passes for a class or use of their equipment for a limited time. Check out a number of locations. Consider making a pro/con list for each one. The gym you can most easily see yourself working out in is likely the one you should join.

6. Plan your menu for the week.

Busy people often make poor meal choices if they don’t plan ahead. (Ask me. I know these things.) However, when you take the time to sit down and plan your meals for the week and do some prep work ahead of time, you will be more likely to stick to the healthier choices. And if you want to add “a cheat night” once a week, that’s okay. Just make sure it’s the exception rather than the rule.

7. Buy a variety of non-caffeinated herbal teas.

And if, like me, you enjoy warming up from the inside out in this weather, try a selection of herbal teas. Although I’m no tea connoisseur, I find that loose leave is the best.

And crazy as it sounds …

8. Take up a winter sport.

This might be the perfect year to try skiing, snowshoeing, or ice skating. Remember when you used to love tobaggoning—no matter how many times you had to drag it back up the hill or building the biggest snowman—even if you couldn’t feel your fingers? Maybe it’s time to rediscover the fun.


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